We support you all the way from scenario formulation to demonstration experiments and establishment in actual operations by using the expertise we have obtained in a wealth of project achievements.

  • Creation of Value by Utilizing Data

    We aim to create new value by solving challenges through the digitalization of the land, sea and air and the utilization of data.

  • One-stop Service

    We provide support in a one-stop service for all processes from the organization of challenges and the formulation of a vision to scenario formulation and verification and then establishment in operations.

  • Vendor Free

    We select and provide the optimal combination of equipment and software based on your needs and usage scenarios.


Data Collection and Utilization Approach

From Space

Link up with space data services. Perform monitoring and primary diagnoses utilizing optical sensors, synthetic aperture radars and infrared sensors.

From the Sky

Automate data acquisition with the automatic navigation of drones. Use diverse sensors such as visible light cameras and infrared ray cameras.

From the Land

Acquire data from unmanned ground vehicles and ground cameras. Use 360° cameras and various sensors.

From the Sea

Approach underwater facilities that are difficult to check from the sky or land with underwater drones.

Existing Operations

This is information that is found in existing operations (e.g., drawings, blueprints and inspection logs).


Start improving the efficiency of your operations by utilizing drones!

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