Narrow Part Inspection ServiceSENSYN Explorer

SENSYN Explorer is a service to visually inspect confined and closed spaces (e.g., chimneys, tanks, inside pipes and pipelines). Take the best approach to your inspection target according to your needs to acquire and output images and videos.

SENSYN Explorer


  • POINT 1Provide a Streamlined Service Tailored to Inspection Contents and Targets

  • POINT 2Manage and Share Data on the Cloud

  • POINT 3Flexible Drone Aircraft Support According to the Use Case – Including Developmental Drone Aircraft

Main Usage Settings

  • POINT 1Alternative to Visual Inspections in Chimneys, Tanks and Other High Places

    Significantly reduce scaffolding installation costs.

  • POINT 2Alternative to Visual Inspections in Pipes, Ducts, Air Vents and Other Narrow and Closed Spaces

    You can fly drones even if there are obstacles in the way in the case of regular ducts (inner diameter: 50 cm). You can also capture images by flying drones even if the space extends vertically up and down.

  • POINT 3Alternative to Visual Inspections in All Narrow Spaces

    SENSYN Explorer serves as an alternative to visual inspections in the locations where scaffolding is needed during inspections (e.g., collecting ducts and ceilings).

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