Drone Operator Skills Training at Tsuneishi Holdings Inc.

Practice Capturing Images of Moving Objects (Ships) in Addition to Basic Drone Operator Skills Training over Three Days

SENSYN ROBOTICS provides services to automate the operations necessary in the utilization of drones in business and supports the introduction of drone utilization in companies. We are a training organization certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. We issue skills certificates to those who accumulate more than 10 hours of flight experience. We issue a Drone Operator Skills Certificate after the completion of the course. Customers can then apply to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to operate drones. We held a drone operator skills training course over three days at Tsuneishi Holdings Inc. this time.


Training Contents

  • Flight preparation: Airframe assembly, application settings and pre-flight checks
  • Actual flight practice and practice with the GPS mode disabled
  • Capture of images from various angles with a drone

We suggest training content according to the requests of our customers. We then provide training that can be utilized in operations. We also gave training on capturing images of moving targets – in this case ships.

Comments from Participants

  • I think I have improved a lot. I will work hard because I won’t be able to use drones in practice without a little more training.
  • I want to be able to capture the images of moving objects. I also want to be able to perform nose-in-circle (this is when the camera of a drone is pointed toward the center of a circle with the subject at the center serving as the starting point and then flying around it as though drawing a circle).
  • I have really become able to perform basic operations over two days. I feel I am not quite so good at turning, so I will also work hard tomorrow.
  • I can now capture images while turning around and around the circumference of a moving drone – something I could not do on the first day.
  • I think I am now able to operate drones in various combinations compared to the first day and can capture images from a variety of angles.

We gave a three-day training course including more than 10 hours of flight required to make flight applications. Complete beginners who had never touched a drone before acquired both knowledge (basic inspection and safe operation knowledge) and flight techniques (safe operation techniques with understanding of the functions of drones) through this training. This meant they reached a level where they can fly drones in actual operations.

SENSYN ROBOTICS will continue to support drone operation with the aim of securing and maintaining inspection personnel and human skills and of reducing the costs relating to movement and maintenance.

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