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Our inspection solution helps streamline blade maintenance operations for equipment at wind power plants. Blade inspections, which have traditionally been performed from the ground via visual inspections, can be digitized using our drone solution reducing the time spent on inspections while simultaneously improving the quality of blade inspections.


Have you faced any of these challenges?

  • Inspections require a long time, and operations must be stopped during inspections
  • Safety concerns when inspecting in high areas, and quality control depending on the worker conducting the inspections
  • Assessing and reporting defects take time given manual labor
  • Storing and organizing historical data and images are hard

We help tackle problems and optimize blade inspection at wind plant facilities

Product Overview

  • 1.Robotics: "Acquiring" Data

  • 2.AI: "Analyzing" Data

  • 3.Design: "Applying" Data


  • POINT 1Autogenerate a flight path based off of the specs of the wind turnbine

    By creating a master flight path beforehand, you only need to enter the minimum amount of information to auto generate a flight path.

  • POINT 2Initial identification of defect areas using AI

    We use AI to initially analyze defect areas from images gathered through drone photography.

  • POINT 3Auto analyzing data against historical data

    Our application will automatically sort and analyze data based off of the location and direction of the object being inspected. In addition, by comparing the data to historical data, we can provid curated action plans that fit your needs.

Product Video

BLADE Check out the product in use in this video here.

Potential Impacts


Reducing Downtime During Inspections

Using drones leads to increased inspection productivity, which can reduce downtime during inspections by up to 1/3 when compared to traditional methods using workers.


Improving Safety Standards, Quality Control, and Lowering Reliance on Human Labor

By using drones with autonomous flight paths, you'll be able to take high quality images along pre-determine flight paths. This leads to improved safety for the workers and avoids reliance on expertise and experience of the workers, while maintaining a high quality standard.


Reduction in Labor Cost(On-site, Inspections, Repairs)

Sorting through images, which takes a long time will not be automated based off of the facility location and meta data details. AI technology will be also used to do an initial analysis of defect areas reducing inspection labor costs.


Efficient Data Management

Data can be stored over time and organized effeciently. Tickets can be issued within the platform (to be launched soon) and preventative initatives can also be planned based on historical information.

Start improving the efficiency of your operations by utilizing drones!

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