Transmission Tower and Line InspectionsPOWER GRID Check

Industrial application for transmission tower and transmission line inspections. Drones on an autonomous flight path can inspect both towers and lines all in one go improving operational productivity.



  • 鉄塔と送電線を一括で自動点検

    POINT 1Inspect Transmission Towers and Lines in One Go

    Transmission Towers (Supports and the Pylons) along with the lines (both overhead and power lines) in one easy to use application.

  • 作業スキルセットの平準化

    POINT 2No Special Skill Required for Standardized Inspections

    By utilizing the drone's autonomous flight path features, the drone will automatically maintain a safe distance between itself and the object under inspection. Therefore, no special skill is required to deploy the drones.

  • 保守作業のコスト削減

    POINT 3Cost Reduction for Inspections

    Through drone usage, the number of workers and the time required to facilitate an inspection is decreased, and thus translating to reduced cost for operations.

Product Video

POWER GRID Check out the product in use in this video here.


2 Inspection Modes

2 Inspection Modes

There are two modes for inspection: Tower inspection and Line inspection

Assigning No-Flight Zones On Premise

Assigning No-Flight Zones On Premise

By pre-registering information about facilities, you have the ability to designate no flight zones.

Compatible with Multiple Drone Types

Compatible with Multiple Drone Types

With new drone hardware being constantly developed in the market, we continuously develop our platform solution to be compatible with different drone types.

Data Management

Data Management (To be launched soon)

By using our product "SENSYN Datastore", we are currently developing a data analysis tool to help manage inspections and better prevent future defects.

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