Disaster MeasuresDisaster Situation Confirmation

It is possible to examine recovery priorities and measures to prevent the expansion of damage by understanding the disaster-affected areas and overview of the disaster after a disaster occurs. This is useful when it is not possible to fly a disaster prevention helicopter or airplane immediately and when you wish to know even more detailed information.

Benefits to Introduction

Quickly check the situation after a disaster to share information in real-time with decision-makers.

  • Simultaneous Confirmation of a Wide Area

    It is possible to control multiple drones. Accordingly, it is possible to fly in a wide area at once.

  • Rapid Decision-making

    It is possible to share video from drones with each site in real-time. Therefore, it is possible to make rapid decisions.

It is possible to check evacuation routes with drones by linking up with unmanned traffic management (UTM)

Real-time images of multiple evacuation routes captured by drones and the information of each drone are aggregated in the crisis management office

Nine drones were simultaneously controlled in a disaster drill performed under the assumption of an accident in the Ikata Nuclear Power Plant operated by the Shikoku Electric Power Company in 2019

Usage Flow

Scenario Formulation

We will clarify the targets you wish to inspect. Upon that, we will prepare a service introduction plan, profitability (return on investment) calculation and business model.

Technology Selection

We will summarize the requirements to realize inspections (e.g., drone and camera selection, and flight routes).

Demonstration Experiment

We will conduct an operations process improvement and business potential assessment.

Joint Project

We will develop an automatic flight system according to your inspection targets and desired course of action.


Our operations team will provide support by telephone and e-mail for any troubles or unclear points that occur when you perform inspection operations in your company.

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