On-site ManagementConstruction progress management

You can use drone to record construction work and manage progress more easily. Drone automatically takes pictures at the same point from the same angle every day by setting the flight route in advance. Pictures can be used for sharing information and making a report to the related parties. The pictures are stored on a cloud-based system in chronological order, which is useful for daily construction management, safety management, post-complete inspections, and other maintenance management tasks.

Benefits to Introduction

Bird’s-eye view of the entire construction site updated easily

  • Data acquisition of the entire site

    By automatically navigating the drone, we can periodically take pictures from the same point and angle for safety and maintenance management.

  • Increased work efficiency

    Images are stored in the cloud and can be viewed and compared in chronological order and easily shared with external parties.

  • 時間・コスト削減

    Reduction of Time and Costs

    Appropriate selection of hardware and software for ground LiDAR and drones according to the field environment will lead to time and cost savings.


You can take pictures of places where it was previously difficult to access. The acquired data can be used to create 3D models for survey and analysis.


Speed up the reporting process by storing data in the cloud. Data can also be easily shared with related departments.


SENSYN Drone hub can fly, acquire and transmit data automatically, so drastically cut work by human.

Usage Flow

Solution design

Depends on your goal, we design the solution, calculate profitability (return on investment) and draw business model.

Technology Selection

We determine the specification for the solution (e.g., drone or camera, flight route etc.)

Proof of Concept

We conduct Proof pf Concept to evaluate technical and business feasibility.

Joint Project

We develop an automatic flight system according to your goal.

Customer success

Our customer success team support by telephone or e-mail for any troubles or unclear points that occur when you use it.

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