Roof InspectionsROOF Check

ROOF Check automatically designs optimal navigation routes for the inspection of the roofs of large factories and other large facilities. This enables inspections without climbing onto roofs. The drones operate on autopilot. Therefore, you can safely operate them without causing an accident due to an operation mistake. Combining the data and positional information you collect significantly improves the efficiency of deformation detection and repair plan formulation.


  • POINT 1Easily Create a Flight Plan

    Automatically set the flight route by specifying the range. You can unify variations in inspections by controlling drones with automatic navigation.

  • POINT 2Possible to Share Data with On-site Stakeholders through Cloud Sharing

    You can also smoothly support inspections with remote work and utilize data across departments.

  • POINT 3Turn Recorded Data into Reports as a Management Ledger

    You can record deformed points, rain gutter clogging and the state of glass windows to observe changes over time.


Automatic Flight Route Setting

Specify the range of the roof you wish to inspect to automatically set the appropriate flight route. You can then fly the same flight route repeatedly.

Inspection Data Management

You can centrally manage the data you capture on the cloud. You can also check the inspection results with remote work and smoothly utilize data across departments.

AI Analysis of Abnormal Points

The AI automatically detects abnormal points (e.g., rain gutter clogging, slate damage and glass breakage).

Report Preparation

ROOF Check prepares inspection results reports that allow you to see abnormal points and the locations where they have occurred. You can customize the report format.

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