Facility InspectionsCommunication and Transmission Towers

Realize labor saving, cost reductions and higher work efficiency by using drones to perform inspection operations that were conventionally done by workers climbing up transmission towers.

Benefits to Introduction

It is possible to easily setup flight routes just by inputting the position, height and size of the tower you will inspect.

  • Tower Ascent Work Reduction

    It is possible to conduct efficient inspections while ensuring the safety of workers by using drones in place of work to ascend towers that is dangerous and takes time.

  • Automatic Design of 3D Navigation Routes

    It is possible to automatically setup inspection routes that target buildings (e.g., chimneys and oil tanks) in addition to towers.

  • Automatic Inspection of Deformed Shapes with AI

    It is also possible to automatically detect deformed shapes by linking up with AI.

Achieve improved efficiency approximately four times that of conventional techniques and replace primary inspections for repair plans without to ascending towers

Automatically setup navigation routes for 3D structures optimized for communication towers and transmission towers

Link up with rust and corrosion detection functions through optimization and deep learning of management ledger and form output functions based on customer needs

Usage Flow

Solution design

Depends on your goal, we design the solution, calculate profitability (return on investment) and draw business model.

Technology Selection

We determine the specification for the solution (e.g., drone or camera, flight route etc.)

Proof of Concept

We conduct Proof pf Concept to evaluate technical and business feasibility.

Joint Project

We develop an automatic flight system according to your goal.

Customer success

Our customer success team support by telephone or e-mail for any troubles or unclear points that occur when you use it.

Start improving the efficiency of your operations by utilizing drones!

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