Optimal technology to solve problems

SENSYN CORE, an application development platform incorporating SENSYN's unique AI technology, provides the fastest and most optimal problem-solving solutions.

Solution development architecture

Sensyn's unique development platform "SENSYN CORE" was born from extensive experience in the field and advanced software development technology. From data collection using sensors and robots to data analysis using AI, to applications that anyone can use.
We will achieve everything necessary for business reform in the fastest and most optimal manner.

Three elements that make up SENSYN CORE

"SENSYN AI" which brings together cutting-edge AI technology, "SENSYN Data" which performs advanced data processing such as 3D conversion in addition to storing and managing collected data. It consists of three software components (parts) of "SENSYN Edge", which controls the device that collects data.


Realizing “AI that can be used for business”
consisting of recognition, prediction, and generation Components

Automates the detection of signs such as rust, cracks, and temperature abnormalities from the huge amount of data provided from the field. From the accumulated data over time, we can predict patterns that lead to failures, and support the sharing of these data between sites and departments through report creation and workflow automation.


You can immediately use Sensin's proprietary data used in AI and IoT, as well as highly accurate trained AI models.

Image/video analysis, audio analysis, language/text analysis
Prediction/Analysis Numerical prediction, matching, needs prediction, etc.
Execution/Generation Work automation, robotics control, text generation, etc.


SENSYN CORE ML (machine learning platform) provides a mechanism to seamlessly integrate with business applications and reflect user feedback on analysis results in the machine learning platform in a timely manner. This enables continuous improvement and maintenance of AI models.


A group of data management and analysis components that add high value to raw data from the field.

The huge amount of field data acquired by sensors and robots is linked with location information and equipment information to ensure high accessibility. In addition to advanced information processing such as 3D image data and statistical analysis, seamless collaboration with SEN SYN AI enables data-driven operations and management.


A group of device control components that convert everything from the workplace into data.

It solves problems in the operation of robots and sensors, such as automating complicated route planning and autonomously acquiring data that recognizes inspection targets. It enables operations that maximize the power of devices, such as overwhelming speed, safety, and long operating times.

SENSYN CORE usage example

We would like to introduce some of the solutions that have been implemented in society using SENSYN CORE.

  • Wind turbine flaw detection

    Automatically determines the location and condition of damage from images and displays them side by side.

  • Visualization of cracks during exterior wall tile inspection

    Combination of infrared and visible images, abnormality detection of cracks and floating tiles

  • Real-time anomaly detection for power line inspection

    Detects abnormalities in real time on field terminals using a lightweight AI model

  • Instrument reading in substations

    Digitization by combination of meter detection and needle reading

  • Spark detection in hazardous work

    Works with fixed cameras to issue an alarm after detecting sparks within a designated area.

  • Water level prediction in large-scale plants

    Water level prediction combining weather information, etc. and past performance data

We Achieve Fundamental Issue Resolution Through
Solutions Utilizing AI × Data

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