We utilize the expertise we have gained from our extensive project achievements to provide consistent support from data acquisition to utilization and to assist you in improving your business issues. We develop applications that you can implement into your operations in a short period of time with collaborative projects close to your business and a highly versatile platform.

Service Features

  • Creation of Value with Data Utilization

    We aim to solve challenges and to create new value by digitizing the land, sea and air and then utilizing that data.

  • One-stop Service

    Upon understanding your challenges and vision, we support you with a one-stop service in all processes – from scenario formulation to utilization in actual operations and establishment.

  • Vendor Free

    We select and provide optimal combinations of equipment and software based on your needs and utilization scenarios.

Service Introduction Flow

Business Analysis

We develop solutions that make it easy to identify and turn into projects
challenges faced by companies and sites through workshops, interviews and proof of concept.

Shared Projects

We turn into projects work from consulting to development and operation together with you.

Introduction Support

In addition to follow-up with basic support, after success, we propose new success utilizing that case.

  • Provision of manuals
  • Q&A support (telephone, e-mail and Web conferences)
  • Provision of related information (e.g., drone information, amendments to laws and firmware information)
  • Provision of cases
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We propose new success based on success stories (e.g., deployment in other departments and expansion of sites) to expand business optimization.


We provide a subscription-based service set with the optimal drones, software and operation support that meets your utilization needs.

Service Contents

・Customer success
Preparation of a roadmap
Provision of various manuals
Delivery briefing sessions (Web conference or visit)
Response to inquiries by telephone, e-mail and Web conference
Support for utilization with regular monthly meetings
Support for online utilization
Replacement of batteries
Replacement of propellers
・Drone and software set
・Drone maintenance

Start improving the efficiency of your operations by utilizing drones!

Please feel free to contact us first. We will give you information on the optimal solutions to suit you.

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