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Using drones to perform plant inspections that were conventionally done by workers visually achieves labor saving, cost reductions and higher work efficiency.
Routes are designed with consideration for explosion-proof areas and no-fly areas.

Benefits to Introduction

This is an automatic inspection solution with introduction realized upon repeated verification and development on-site with top companies in Japan.

  • Safe Operation with an Extensive Track Record

    We have realized safe operation with an extensive track record in automatic navigation route design that takes into account explosion proof areas and no-fly areas even in facilities such as petrochemical plants where it was difficult to operate drones in the past.

  • Automatic Inspection of Deformed Shapes with AI

    It is also possible to automatically detect deformed shapes by linking up with AI.

  • Time and Cost Reduction

    Shorten work time by using drones for inspection work.

Compliant with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Guidelines on the Method to Safely Operate Drones in Plants

Automatically calculate and setup appropriate flight routes by setting flyable routes and inspection targets (It is also possible to simultaneously capture images of multiple tanks)

Achieve the provision of a rust and corrosion detection solution with simple automatic navigation setting, inspection results management and AI in oil tanks, piping racks and oil plants

Usage Flow

Scenario Formulation

We will clarify the targets you wish to inspect. Upon that, we will prepare a service introduction plan, profitability (return on investment) calculation and business model.

Technology Selection

We will summarize the requirements to realize inspections (e.g., drone and camera selection, and flight routes).

Demonstration Experiment

We will conduct an operations process improvement and business potential assessment.

Joint Project

We will develop an automatic flight system according to your inspection targets and desired course of action.


Our operations team will provide support by telephone and e-mail for any troubles or unclear points that occur when you perform inspection operations in your company.

Start improving the efficiency of your operations by utilizing drones!

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