Facility InspectionsSolar Power Generation Facilities

Using drones reduces the significant time and costs involved in the inspections of operation and management (O&M) operations in facilities that are increasing in size.
This maximizes the power generation efficiency with a direct link between the amount of power generated and profits.

Benefits to Introduction

Automate operations including flights, the capture of images, the discovery of failure points with thermal images and report preparation.

  • Reduction of Time and Costs

    Capture images speedily with drones under automatic navigation in solar panel inspections that needed to be inspected one by one manually in the past.

  • Power Generation Efficiency Increase

    The AI detects abnormal points and reports the inspection results in a short time.This means there is no need to stop power generation. Accordingly, it is possible to expect an increase in power generation efficiency.

  • Improvement in Safety

    Avoid the risk of overlooking something with manual work.

Overwhelming efficiency that completes approximately 100 MW in 2.5 days

High quality reports based on on-site operational experience (e.g., power plant design reading function)

Early failure detection: Improve inspection efficiency by detecting early failures that still cannot be detected thermally

Usage Flow

Scenario Formulation

We will clarify the targets you wish to inspect. Upon that, we will prepare a service introduction plan, profitability (return on investment) calculation and business model.

Technology Selection

We will summarize the requirements to realize inspections (e.g., drone and camera selection, and flight routes).

Demonstration Experiment

We will conduct an operations process improvement and business potential assessment.

Joint Project

We will develop an automatic flight system according to your inspection targets and desired course of action.


Our operations team will provide support by telephone and e-mail for any troubles or unclear points that occur when you perform inspection operations in your company.

Start improving the efficiency of your operations by utilizing drones!

Please feel free to contact us first. We will give you information on the optimal solutions to suit you.

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