Fully Automatic Operation Drone SystemSENSYN Drone Hub

This is a system that promotes the automation of operations. It has integrated control software and operation applications in addition to bases (drone ports) to support drones, automatic takeoff and landing, and automatic charging.

SENSYN Drone Hub

SENSYN Drone Hub

This is a fully automatic drone system that realizes automatic takeoff and landing,
automatic charging, and automatic transfer of captured data.

  • Automatic Takeoff and landing

    At the set time, drones will automatically takeoff and perform their missions. After their missions, the drones will land precisely fully automatically.

  • Automatic Charging

    Automatically charge drones without the trouble of bringing and setting them to the site.

  • Automatic Data Transmission

    Data after the capture of images/videos is transferred to the cloud automatically.


It is possible to perform automatic flights on preset routes and to capture images and videos. Therefore, it can be operated as a stationary drone system (drone port) in areas such as the security monitoring of large factories and the inspection of facilities. This means that workers no longer have to go to the site each time. Accordingly, it enables the execution of efficient and safe operations.

Main Usage Settings

  • ・Security monitoring operations for buildings, factories and high-rise facilities
  • ・Disaster (e.g., tsunami and avalanche) measures and fixed-point observation
  • ・Periodic inspection operations for towers, overpasses and dams
  • ・Operations in mountainous areas, high places and disaster risk regions
  • ・Operations in settings where it is difficult to deploy operators to operate drones


Waterproof and dustproof design

IP54 design on both the drone and storage base

SENSYN Drone Hub

LTE-compatible Drones

Communications with drones are LTE compatible. Realize real-time command transmission and upload processing with direct communications between the drone and server.


Weather Sensors

Automatically determine the advisability of flights by acquiring the rainfall, wind speed and temperature of the surrounding area at the time of takeoff with a weather sensor.

Networking of Multiple Sites

Aim for flights over a wide area in the future with the establishment of multiple drones and the creation of a network to make it possible to land at a different storage base to takeoff.

Main Unit Specs

Drone Base

Input power100V~240V AC / 16A
Guaranteed operating temperature-10℃ ~ +40℃
Waterproof and dustproof performanceEquivalent to IP54
Durability performanceTested by being opened and closed 100,000 times

Drone Aircraft

Size75.6cm diagonally88.8cm diagonally
Weight6kg7.5kg(1st gimbal only)
Maximum flight time30 minutes (when hovering)25 minutes (when hovering)
Guaranteed operating temperature-10℃ ~ +40℃-10℃ ~ +40℃
Waterproof and dustproof performanceEquivalent to IP54Equivalent to IP54
Wind resistance performance10.0m/s10.0m/s
Charging time (From 0%)80% in approximately 40 minutes Fully charged in approximately 1 hour (From 0%)80% in approximately 40 minutes Fully charged in approximately 1 hour

On-board camera

1st gimbal

CameraRGB Camera (Fixed lens)Thermal Camera
Sensor1/2.5'' CMOS 8.5MPFLIR Boson
Size1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
2 million pixels
320 (H) x 256 (V)
85,000 pixels
LensDFOV = 57.4 ,HFOV = 47.3
EFL : 7.2mm
HFOV = 50
EFL : 2.3mm

2nd gimbal

Camera2 million pixels camera14x zoom camera
SensorAPS-C (23.2 x 15.4mm),
"Exmor" CMOS sensor
CMOS 1/2.3′′
Size5456 (H) x 3632 (V)
20 million pixels
4152 (H) x 3062 (V)
12710,000 pixels
LensHFOV = 70
EFL : 20mm
HFOV = 82 to 25
FL : 3.85〜13.4mm

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