“Innovating Society”
with industry leading robotics technology

“Innovating Society”
with industry leading robotics technology

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Our services are being used by a variety of major companies.
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Solving the various challenges with drones. These include “Labor shortage, Mistake prevention, Safety improvement, Time and cost issue” of inspection and security monitoring work, primary response of disaster occurrence as well.

Facility Inspections

It is possible to utilize drones in the inspection operations for a variety of social infrastructure (e.g., power transmission towers, plant facilities and large facility roofs).

Disaster Measures

It is possible to quickly check the evacuation situation and announce an evacuation without human intervention by using drones when a major disaster occurs.

On-site Management

You can check construction progress and the environment in workplaces remotely. Photographs and videos are saved in the cloud. This means stakeholders can then view them whenever they want.


We provide a one-stop service for business applications, cloud platforms and robotics devices.

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