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Solving the various challenges with drones. These include “Labor shortage, Mistake prevention, Safety improvement, Time and cost issue” of inspection and security monitoring work, primary response of disaster occurrence as well.

Facility Inspections

It is possible to utilize drones in the inspection operations for a variety of social infrastructure (e.g., power transmission towers, plant facilities and large facility roofs).

Disaster Measures

It is possible to quickly check the evacuation situation and announce an evacuation without human intervention by using drones when a major disaster occurs.

Security Monitoring

Utilizing drones in the security of factories,24/7hours security over a wide area.


Realize the fully-autonomous operation with “SENSYN FLIGHT CORE” “SENSYN DRONE HUB” “SENSYN DC


Integrated Operational Automation Platform SENSYN FLIGHT CORE

This is a comprehensive platform that easily realizes the automation of operations by drones without special knowledge or skills. In addition to being able to setup simple flights, this platform is furnished with expanded functions indispensible for the automation of operations. These functions include the centralized management of flight plans and performance data, support for simultaneous flights with multiple drones and support for drones from various manufacturers, and connection with UTM.


Fully Automatic Operation Drone System SENSYN DRONE HUB

This is a system that, It has integrated control software and operational applications in addition to bases (drone ports) to support drones, automatic takeoff and landing, and automatic charging.


Real-time Video Communication SENSYN DC

This is a service that can communicate by sharing video captured with drones in real-time between multiple sites remotely.

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