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SENSYN ROBOTICS is a joint venture between ENEOS Innovation Partners LLC (formerly JXTG Innovation Partners, LLC), COMTURE CORPORATION, Taiho Co., Ltd. Kashiwabara Corporation, Future Venture Capital Corporation, and existing shareholders (Globis Capital Partners & Co. and Eight Roads Ventures Japan, ITOCHU Technology Ventures Inc. and DRONE FUND) as the underwriters. Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank, Development Bank of Japan, Japan Finance Corporation, Mitsui We are pleased to announce that we have completed a total of approximately 2.2 billion yen in debt financing from The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co. This is an announcement.

To date, the Company has raised approximately 1.4 billion yen in funding. The amount to be raised is approximately 3.6 billion yen.


[Purpose of the Funding]

To address social issues such as labor shortages, disaster preparedness, and the aging of the population, drones and other The interest and needs for robotics solutions have been increasing every year, and the drone business has Domestic Drone Business Market to Grow to ¥193.2 Billion in FY2020, Up 37% YOY It is projected that this will further increase to 642.7 billion yen by fiscal 2025 (4.6 times the fiscal 2019 level). (*) The government has set forth a policy of "Society 5.0" and has established a policy of balancing economic development with the resolution of social issues.

With the government's "Society 5.0" policy, it is expected that the government will be able to achieve both economic development and solutions to social issues. We have been working to create a world where robotics solutions are used in everyday life as a matter of course. The new system has realized overwhelming improvements in efficiency and safety, not only in the domestic but also in the global market. We will meet the challenges of society and our customers by doing so.

In the previous year, fiscal year 2019, our technology advancements and the services that we provide with them were used to improve our industrial and social Adopted mainly by major infrastructure companies, sales have grown 3.5 times compared to fiscal 2018 We are pleased to announce that we have done so.

We will use the newly procured funds to invest in service development and increase our personnel for further business expansion. In addition, we will accelerate the growth of the business. 

*According to research by Impress Research Institute, Inc.


[Comment from each company]

Mr. Yasunori Yazaki, President of ENEOS Innovation Partners, LLC

We are pleased to announce that through our investment, we have an industry-leading robotics solution We are delighted to deepen our cooperation with SENSYN ROBOTICS. Leveraging its strengths in the energy and materials businesses, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MGC) will work with MGC to achieve the innovations demanded by its customers and society. We will contribute to the development of society and the creation of a vibrant future through the creation of innovative services.

Mr. Koichi Mukai, Chairman of the Board and CEO of COMTURE CORPORATION

Advanced and practical facility inspection and disaster prevention using robotics, AI and IoT technologies such as drones We are very excited about the future of SENSYN ROBOTICS and its ability to develop solutions.

We are excited about the opportunity to combine the latest technology from SENSYN ROBOTICS with Comture's By providing a combination of cloud and digital solutions, which is one of our strengths, we can help companies and society We will continue to promote digital transformation (DX)

Mr. Takahiro Jono, Senior Managing Director and General Manager of Sales Division, Taiho Co., Ltd.

We partnered with SENSYN ROBOTICS and the workforce that will be flooding into the country in the future will decrease dramatically. We will continue to innovate with drones and other robotics technologies to address the We hope to do this in the future.

In addition, we aim to expand globally, and to save labor not only in the air, but also on land and sea. We wanted to take on the challenge together as a solution partner, so we gave them our support.

Mr. Katsuyoshi Maekubo, Investment Division 1, Future Venture Capital Corporation

The infrastructure inspection market, which is the company's target market, is aging infrastructure facilities, but it is also an increasingly important market for the future. We face a serious labor shortage. The company's "Fully Automated Drone Operations" solution creates a high quality I am convinced that it is essential to solve the serious social issues that will be faced in the future. We will do our utmost to support this project.

Mr. Koji Yamada, Project Manager, Kashiwabara Corporation Japan Contech Fund

The automation technology that SENSYN ROBOTICS excels at utilizing drones and our longtime We will promote DX in infrastructure facilities by combining our infrastructure maintenance know-how to make the future more serious. We will continue to work closely with them to solve the problem of aging infrastructure facilities, which is becoming increasingly common.

Mr. Masatoshi Fukazawa, Principal, Eight Roads Ventures Japan

We have been working on effective solutions to Japan's social issues such as labor shortage, improvement of labor productivity and disaster countermeasures. As a means, the expectations of the company's drones and other robotics solutions and The company's high level of quality and proven solutions to meet the growing needs of the market We will continue to do our best to support the growth of the company.

Mr. Hidekazu Yuasa Emre, Principal, Globis Capital Partners, Inc.

SENSYN ROBOTICS is a company with strengths in mission-critical software for drone operations, but also has a wide variety of software that can be used for a variety of purposes. We are a start-up that drives digital transformation in industries such as AI/ We will use robotics technology to accelerate the optimization and automation of various business operations, and we are proud to be a global leader in Japan. I hope you make the leap to enterprise!

Mr. Shinzo Nakano, President of ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.

Since our initial investment in 2017, the need for SENSYN ROBOTICS' solutions has dramatically increased As a result, the number of proposals and the scale of the projects has been increasing rapidly. We will continue to provide active support for the company, which is driving the shift to higher levels of industrialization through the use of robotics technology. We are pleased to be able to do so.

Mr. Kotaro Chiba, Founder and Representative Partner of DRONE FUND, Mr. Soki Ohmae Co-founder and Representative Partner of DRONE FUND.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the funding round, as DRONE FUND is pleased to announce that SENSYN ROBOTICS has been awarded the title of We solve social issues through DX solutions, including drones, and provide the "With Corona" service. I highly value the company as one that can create the era at the forefront. We strongly hope that this is an opportunity to drive the development of the entire drone industry even further, and we will continue to support the company in its efforts to develop the drone industry. We will support SENSYN ROBOTICS.



Our mission is to evolve what is considered “commonplace” in society with the power of robotics. It is under this mission that we have continued to take on pressing challenges in regards to specific social issues in various fields focused on facility inspections, disaster response, and security and surveillance by achieving the full automation of work with the power of robotics since our establishment in October 2015.

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