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Tokyo, Japan - July 31, 2023 - We are pleased to announce that SOLAR Check, a solar panel inspection application provided by SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. has been adopted by Asahi Dengyo co., Ltd,.

Asahi Dengyo provides operation, maintenance, and management services for multiple solar power plants ranging from high-voltage to extra-high-voltage, including large solar power plants.
The total amount of solar panels that Asahi Dengyo handles for all of its power plants amounts to more than 900MW (as of June 2023), and inspections require a lot of time. Visual inspections were also difficult to document.

SOLAR Check provides a one-stop service that includes automatic navigation by a drone equipped with an infrared thermography camera, image analysis by AI, and output of inspection result reports.
Since the drone automatically navigates and takes images, local staff can handle the inspection by themselves without the need for special skills. In addition, AI automatically identifies abnormal panels and their locations, enabling prompt output of inspection result reports.

Customer Voice

  • The automatic navigation and photographing has eliminated the variation in results from one operator to the next. We decided to install SOLAR Check because it allows us to provide more accurate reports to our customers.
  • The average number of panels is 270,000, and at the largest power plant, 750,000 panels need to be inspected every quarter, which requires a huge amount of time for visual inspections. The use of drones allowed us to be more efficient and improve quality.
  • Even after the introduction of the system, we can focus on inspection work with peace of mind because of the operational support we receive from the Customer Success Team.
  • In addition to solar panels, the drone is also being used to inspect inaccessible perimeter fences in mountainous areas and to measure the water level of regulating reservoirs in the event of a disaster.

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