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SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. announces that it has developed a blade inspection system for wind power generation equipment in collaboration with Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

By introducing automatic drone photography technology and AI-based image analysis technology into blade inspections of wind power generation facilities, the system reduces the inspection time per unit and enables highly accurate inspections. By using the functions of SENSYN CORE, owned by SENSYN ROBOTICS, we were able to develop a high-performance blade inspection system in a short period of time.


Automatic flight and photography
The system achieves a high level of stable automatic flight without requiring pilot operation skills, helping to improve the efficiency of blade inspections. In addition, it can take high-resolution images of a single blade from five different directions.

Automatic sorting of image data and comparison of past data
Inspection data can be categorized and managed by automatically sorting the vast amount of image data captured by the drone by wind power generation facility and by shooting direction. The data can also be compared with past inspection data.

AI Analysis
Image data is analyzed by AI to automatically determine the location and condition of damage. Inspection results can be viewed on the system and reports can be automatically generated, enabling timely information sharing among related parties. In the future, the system will manage and analyze damage trends and repair histories as knowledge data, aiming to support the planning of optimal maintenance plans to maintain blade performance.

5ブレード画面Inspection image data can be sorted and managed by site, shooting direction, etc. (development screen)

コメント追加Marking of damaged areas and registration of damage details are possible (development screen)

Social Background

In recent years, the Green Growth Strategy associated with carbon neutrality presented by the Japanese government clearly states that renewable energy will become a long-term stable main source of energy supply in Japan, and the introduction of wind power generation facilities is expected to expand.
On the other hand, wind power generation equipment has been experiencing the highest number of failures and accidents due to inadequate inspection and poor maintenance of blades, and the "Wind Power Generation Equipment Blade Inspection and Repair Guidelines" were established by the Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) in March 2021. With the Japan Wind Power Association's (JWPA) guidelines for the inspection and repair of wind turbine blades, maintenance measures to ensure safe and stable operation have become an important issue for wind power generation companies.

SENSYN ROBOTICS, together with Hitachi Power Solutions, supports the safe and stable operation of wind power generation facilities and contributes to the realization of carbon neutrality.


Our mission is to evolve what is considered “commonplace” in society with the power of robotics. It is under this mission that we have continued to take on pressing challenges in regards to specific social issues in various fields focused on facility inspections, disaster response, and security and surveillance by achieving the full automation of work with the power of robotics since our establishment in October 2015.

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