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Tokyo, Japan - October 18, 2023 - SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. and Chubu Electric Power Grid Co, Inc. have jointly conducted research on improving the efficiency of power transmission facility inspection operations and established real-time anomaly detection technology using image analysis.

This technology will be implemented in the mobile application "SENSYN Flight Edge" by the end of 2023, and will be used for the inspection of power transmission facilities owned by Chubu Electric Power Grid Co, Inc.


*The above wire damage images are simulated using image editing software.

The establishment of a technology for real-time detection of abnormalities in transmission lines and girders through image analysis based on live drone stream images transmitted to mobile tablets will further reduce labor requirements for power transmission facility inspections. This technology is expected to improve the efficiency and uniformity of inspection work for power transmission facilities by enabling the use of common mobile tablets available in the market to determine abnormal conditions in real time at the site. In addition, we have completed a technical feasibility study for the implementation of automatic inspection flight route correction functions using 3D point clouds.

developmental outcome
Real-time anomaly detection technology

From the viewpoint of ensuring public safety, it is necessary to detect at an early stage any serious anomalies that may cause the breakage of power lines or insulators. Against this background, we have established a technology to detect abnormalities in power lines and insulators in real time using live stream video images taken by a drone that are projected on a mobile tablet. During the automatic power line inspection flight mode, which is already implemented in our power transmission facility inspection application "POWER GRID Check," it is possible to detect obvious damage in real time, such as broken or melted wires and damaged or missing insulators.
These automatic anomaly detection technologies enable early detection of serious anomalies that could result in broken wires or broken insulators, and are expected to ensure uniform inspection quality, thereby contributing to public safety.

Abnormal wire detection

がいし異常検出foreign exchange error detection

*The above wire damage images are simulated using image editing software.

Completed a technical study for the implementation of operations such as an automatic inspection flight route correction function using 3D point clouds.

Currently, automatic inspection flights rely on the skill of the pilot, who is dispatched to the site to select a safe flight route based on visual confirmation. Therefore, we have established technologies for designing safe routes for automatic inspection flights and simplifying coordinate acquisition by using LiDAR cameras and 3D data acquired from aerial surveys. These functions will be implemented in "POWER GRID Check" in the future.
In addition, surveying work in mountainous areas is conducted manually using surveying instruments, but it is extremely labor-intensive. Therefore, we conducted a survey of alternative surveying operations using LiDAR cameras and 3D data acquired by aerial surveying, and compiled technical requirements for adapting the operations.

Image of safe route design using 3D point clouds

The two companies have established technologies specialized for automatic inspection of power transmission facilities using drones by automatically generating flight routes and shooting actions, and have realized the implementation of such operations.
Both companies will continue to contribute to the advancement and efficiency of power transmission facility inspection operations.

Features of POWER GRID Check

This is a business application specialized for maintenance work of overhead power transmission facilities. It enables automated inspection of towers and transmission lines in batches using a drone that automatically navigates, improving inspection work efficiency.

<Procedure to automatically trace and inspect power lines>
1. Input power transmission facility information and coordinate information into the "POWER GRID Check" web application to generate an automatic navigation route.
2. Acquire the navigation route using "SENSYN Flight Edge," a mobile application that communicates with and controls the drone, and transmit it to the drone.
3. The drone automatically navigates along the flight route and photographs the power transmission facilities.



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