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We are pleased to announce that the "SENSYN Drone Hub" technology provided by Sensyn Robotics, Inc. has been adopted in the development of an unmanned inspection system for solar power generation facilities by Energy Solutions Inc..

This initiative is a part of the project subsidized by the "FY2020 supplementary budget for the promotion of industrial safety advancement", which Energy Solutions was selected for.

As part of the project, Energy Solutions developed and demonstrated the use of new drone and AI technologies with the goals of improving security, ensuring safety, and reducing labor and unmanned on-site operations at solar power generation facilities, and achieved these goals. The details of the development and demonstration, results, and future development are as follows.


Details of the demonstration

Drone Eye, a drone and cloud solar module infrared inspection service provided by Energy Solutions, and "SENSYN Drone Hub", a fully automated drone system provided by Sensyn Robotics, have been used to develop and demonstrate a system for unmanned patrol and inspection of solar power generation facilities, AI analysis of the infrared images and other data captured on the cloud, and provision of an inspection report to the user, including any faults found.

1) Set the flight schedule for infrared inspection and automatically fly under the flight conditions (flight conditions: wind speed of 7m/s or less, solar radiation of 300W/m2 or more).

2) Confirmation of automatic flight after rescheduling in case the flight conditions are not met.

3) Assuming that the current situation will be checked in the event of a disaster (fence collapsing, sand flowing in), we set up a flight path around part of the perimeter of the solar power generation facility and took RGB images of the target points.

4)Uploaded shooting data and weather data to the cloud, and created a report from the automatic analysis of the drone eye analysis tool AI.


  • Ensuring the safety of daily inspections, periodic inspections, and other security operations
    By using drones to perform unmanned solar module inspections of photovoltaic power generation facilities, inspections can now be performed remotely and can be handled without the need for on-site maintenance management personnel or drone pilots.
  • Ensuring safety
    In the event of a disaster, unmanned drones can take pictures and remotely monitor the disaster situation in real time, and reports can be prepared based on the images transmitted from the drones, making it possible to ensure the safety of on-site work.
  • Labor-saving and remote on-site work
    By upgrading the drone eye analysis tool AI automatic analysis, the correct answer rate has been improved to 93.6%, which is 1/3 of the time required for manual analysis. We were able to shorten the time required for on-site work by 40% because we were able to quickly identify abnormalities, prepare the target method in advance, and respond with pinpoint accuracy.

Future Development

We will discuss the collaboration and sales system with Energy Solutions and aim to commercialize the system as soon as possible. By making it possible to remotely detect abnormalities and check damage caused by natural disasters, we aim to improve the security of power plants while ensuring the safety of workers.

By applying the results of this development to our various equipment inspection applications, Sensyn Robotics will be able to promote smart maintenance not only for solar power plants, but also for a wide range of industrial infrastructure.

What is SENSYN Drone Hub?

SENSYN Drone Hub is a system that promotes the automation of operations by integrating a drone aircraft, a base (drone port) that supports automatic takeoff and landing and automatic recharging, as well as control software and business applications. In areas such as security monitoring and facility inspections at large-scale factories, the system eliminates the need for workers to visit the site each time, enabling efficient and safe operations.

For more information, please visit: https://www.sensyn-robotics.com/en/technology/dronehub


Our mission is to evolve what is considered “commonplace” in society with the power of robotics. It is under this mission that we have continued to take on pressing challenges in regards to specific social issues in various fields focused on facility inspections, disaster response, and security and surveillance by achieving the full automation of work with the power of robotics since our establishment in October 2015.

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