Tokyo, Japan - March 6, 2019 - SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc.  has announced the launch of a new product called SENSYN FLIGHT CORE. This is an integrated platform to realize the automation of customer operations.

SENSYN FLIGHT CORE is a product with greatly improved usability and updated UI and UX designs based on requests received through practical use in actual operations.

Detailed information:

Overview of the SENSYN FLIGHT CORE

SENSYN FLIGHT CORE is an integrated platform to realize the automation of customer operations. It is equipped with simple flight settings based on sample settings, centralized management of flight plans and results data, and other enhanced and extended functions.


Service Features

Simple Flight Settings

  • Waypoint flight: It is possible to individually set the waypoints where the drones will fly and the aircraft actions at each waypoint.
  • Area scan: It is possible to automatically generate flight routes to comprehensively capture images/videos by designating a specific area (e.g., solar power plant inspections or measurements).

waypoint+Set the route by designating the waypoints on a map

areascan+Select the area to automatically generate the flight route

Centralized Management of Flight Plans and Results Data

The flight log data of the drones is automatically saved to a server. Therefore, it is possible to check this data from the flight results screen. In addition, it is possible to link data that was previously difficult to manage collectively because of its large volume to flight results and to then save and centrally manage it by updating the captured data on the screen. Aggregation of the information necessary for drone-related operations is possible. This makes operational management simple. The saved image data can then be linked with applications specialized to other operations.


Enhanced and Extended Functions

SENSYN FLIGHT CORE is equipped with enhanced and extended functions essential in the automation of operations. These include support for simultaneous flights with multiple drones, support for drones of various manufacturers and connection with UTM*. Accordingly, it can support diverse operations. SENSYN ROBOTICS also plan to install various capture methods other than waypoint flights and area scans in the future.

*UTM: This is the abbreviation for Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management.

Background to Development

There have been a number of challenges in industrial settings recently. These include optimization in inspection work in danger zones at high places (e.g., in factories and warehouse buildings), the guarantee of the safety of workers, the guarantee and maintenance of personnel and human skills in settings in which monitoring and management are required as the occasion calls for in disaster-affected areas during large disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods and fires), a reduction in the cost burden in transfer and maintenance, the difficulty of realizing safe and secure operation, the aging of workers, and the intensifying problem of the shortage of workers.

SENSYN ROBOTICS is promoting the full automation of drone utilization operations as a method of solving problems (e.g., shortage of operators (human power) to operate drones and check the captured images or the workload involved in training and securing those operators) when applying to actual operations in industrial solutions which take advantage of drones that have been attracting attention as key products to solve these social problems. SENSYN ROBOTICS  have continued to make improvements based on the test operation of services to achieve this.

SENSYN ROBOTICS  have now announced our SENSYN FLIGHT CORE integrated platform to automate operations. This is a new product that reflects the requests of our customers received through practical use in actual operations. This is truly core software toward the realization of our vision – “evolving the ‘commonplace’ of society with the power of robotics.”


Since our establishment in October 2015, we have been developing business solutions that combine robotics technology such as drones with advanced technology. In particular, by promoting automation and generalization, we are proposing new ways to solve business problems, including saving labor and enabling unattended operations. In this way, in addition to helping tackle the social issues facing Japan, we plan to offer a diverse range of solutions developed in Japan, a front runner of global challenges, to the rest of the world.


*June 29, 2018: Raised capital totally approximately 1.2 billion yen
*July 1, 2018: Company name changed to “SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc.”