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Tokyo, Japan - February 17, 2023 - The facilities and equipment management application GEMBA CONNECT has added a pinning function to drawings and an equipment memo function. This makes facility management more convenient.
The Android version has also been launched, making it available to a wider range of users.

GEMBA CONNECT  is a cloud application that allows users to manage and share information and tasks for facilities and equipment. It can be used by facility managers who manage their own assets, such as rental apartments, stores, facilities, factories, and plants.

Facility and equipment management tasks are time-consuming and burdensome, as time is spent communicating to confirm the status of problems, making site visits, and organizing information from the time they occur to the time they are completed. The important response histories and files are managed by individuals, and the work can easily become personalized.
GEMBA CONNECT allows users to intuitively grasp and share the current status of a job site by sharing drawings, panoramas, and photos, minimizing the need for house calls.


  • Attributed information is shared and technology is passed on
  • Drawings, panoramas, and photos provide an intuitive grasp of the job site and speed up operational response
  • Access from anywhere reduces work back at the office
  • Managers can monitor the progress of work by checking GEMBA CONNECT

Additional Functions

  • Pinning Function on Drawings
    Pins can now be placed on drawings for issue and equipment information, allowing the pins to be narrowed down on the drawing. The status of the issue can be immediately grasped by pin type on the drawing.
    Issues can now be recorded even in areas without panoramic images, allowing users to start using the service with information they already have.
  • Equipment memo function
    In addition to issues, static information on equipment such as part numbers, manuals, and photographs can now be registered. Inspection omissions can be prevented by clarifying inspection points for periodic inspections, and inspection history can be visualized. Because training and work instructions can be conducted online, it is possible to pass on skills while reducing the number of visits by veteran employees.
    Equipment notes can be edited on site, so part numbers can be rewritten.


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