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Tokyo, Japan - March 14, 2023 - GEMBA CONNECT, provided by SENSYN ROBOTICS, has been introduced as an application for managing rental condominiums by Choei Co.

GEMBA CONNECT is a cloud application that allows users to manage and share information/tasks for facilities and buildings. It can be used by facility managers who manage their own assets, such as rental apartments, stores, facilities, factories, and plants.
Operations of managing facilities and buildings are a burden on the workload, as it requires a lot of time from the start of a problem to its completion, including communication to identify the situation, on-site visits, and filing data. 
Some of the biggest problems are that important corresponding records and files are up to each individual's management style, and the work can be easily impersonalized. GEMBA CONNECT allows users to instinctively understand and share the current status of the sites with drawings, panoramas, and photos, enabling them to minimize the number of onsite visits.


Until now, communication between the employees and cooperating companies was conducted via personal chats and e-mails, making it difficult for the managers to get a grasp of the situations onsite.
GEMBA CONNECT has been selected for the purpose of making decisions on "restoration that exceeds regulations" and "repairs with small expenses" as well as for "prior consultation on high-cost repairs. Furthermore, it is expected to visualize the ongoing circumstances during the actual on-site correspondence with the status and comments.

Customer’s voice

Management used to have difficulty keeping track of the on-site situations, but now, just by looking at GEMBA CONNECT, we can check and see what is going on at the sites, enabling us to easily take appropriate actions before problems arise. In addition, since new information is accumulated on a daily basis, it is very useful for us to give operational instructions based on the past results. Another positive effect is that the information input and reporting can now be done directly on site, saving us a lot of work back at the office.



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