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Tokyo, Japan - February 27, 2024 -SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. in cooperation with Japan Polyethylene Corporation, is pleased to announce that it has begun using drones for inspections in silos. This initiative has been in operation as part of our regular inspection work, and we have been able to confirm the effectiveness of reducing inspection costs and construction period by replacing the process that was previously conducted by visual judgment (primary screening) with drones.


Until now, inspectors have visually inspected welds inside silos by constructing scaffolds inside the silos. However, in recent years, as the equipment has aged, the importance of periodic inspections has become even more important.

Details of Initiatives

We manually flew a drone for indoor use that can fly in a non-GPS environment in a silo. This drone can approach high, dark, and narrow places that are difficult to inspect by human operators. In addition, the use of drones indoors and in enclosed spaces is difficult because they cannot acquire positional information and are unstable, but this drone has the advantage that it can be easily operated because it uses highly accurate positioning technology to stabilize the aircraft.

The introduction of drones made it possible to conduct inspections more easily than during visual inspections. In addition, by using a drone to photograph inspection points, the cost and construction period could be reduced to one-third of those of conventional inspection methods, contributing to increased efficiency in the overall project.

Exterior view of silo to be inspected by drone

Exterior view of silo to be inspected by drone

Entrance to the silo

Entrance to the silo

Customer's Voice

Thank you very much for your cooperation with our request for inspection, which was made on a pinpoint schedule in order to maximize the benefits of a shortened construction period. We believe we were able to conduct an inspection equivalent to a visual inspection because of your detailed response to our requests regarding the method of photographing the interior and the areas we wanted to check. Thank you very much.

In the future

We are aiming to achieve automatic detection of abnormalities from the acquired data to further improve operational efficiency. We believe that this system will systematically extract the location of irregularities compared to the normal state, add more value to the facility data, and make a significant contribution to reducing the amount of work required for visual confirmation of the captured data by human operators.

About supported aircraft

Airframe Name EP-1
outer diameter 291 x 297 x 73mm
Weight Approx. 1 kg (including battery and camera)
Onboard camera GoProHero11 (27.13 megapixels) and others
FPV (visual) camera 4KHi-Res camera (CMOS 1/2.3)
Flight time 10 minutes (9 minutes when GoPro is mounted)
Transmission distance 100m (depends on environment)
Frequency used 2.4GHz (video and maneuvering)
Onboard Lights Maximum 1960 lumens
Collision Avoidance Features 120° in frontal direction, 60 cm from object
Battery Li-Po battery 4S 3300mAh
Product page https://www.sensyn-robotics.com/product/sensyn-explorer



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