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Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Sensyn Robotics Inc, have decided to collaborate on the development of remote-controlled field visualization to promote Kobelco Construction Machinery's goal of K-DIVE CONCEPT*1 (K-DIVE), a telework system for construction sites that focuses on workers.

Kobelco Construction Machinery has formulated an ICT roadmap based on the theme of "KOBELCO IoT, a workplace where anyone can work," and is conducting medium- to long-term research and development to realize this roadmap. The remote control system (K-DIVE) that we are currently developing is one of the pillars of this roadmap. By combining the cloud matching system with remote control of construction equipment, we are aiming for the "teleworking of construction sites," which will enable construction to be carried out without restrictions on specific people, places, or times. We believe that this will enable us to utilize a diverse range of human resources to address the growing shortage of construction technicians, improve site productivity, and ensure essential safety by making sites unmanned.
In this collaboration, we will work together to develop and implement a system for collecting various data using drones and LiDAR*2, which is one of Sensyn Robotics' specialties, visualizing information by reflecting survey results and water flow simulations based on 3D point cloud maps in 3D drawings, and transmitting these data to the cockpit in real time. The two companies will work together to develop and implement the system. (Sensyn Robotics is also working with Scan-X Corporation*3 to build a system for automatic filtering of 3D point cloud data, advanced analysis, and data sharing.

The implementation of these systems in K-DIVE will enable the visualization of a variety of information (e.g., conditions around the machine, presence or absence of buried objects, shape and volume of soil, etc.) at the operating site, creating a remote construction site where operators can work efficiently, safely, and with peace of mind.

Kobelco Construction Machinery and Sensyn Robotics will cooperate with each other to enhance the value of the "telework system for construction sites, focusing on workers" by realizing advanced visualization of remotely operated sites.

現場情報可視化イメージ-1Image of on-site information visualization under development

Image of 3D point cloud mapping of the entire work site using Scan X Cloud

*1 "K-DIVE CONCEPT" is a "worker-centered telework system for construction sites" using next-generation remote control technology that Kobelco Construction Machinery is researching and developing, with the aim of drastically changing the way construction site workers work and realizing a richer life and society.

*2 LiDAR is an abbreviation for "Light Detection and Ranging," an optical sensor technology that uses laser light to measure and identify the distance to and properties of objects.

*3 A start-up company established in 2019 that provides "Scan-X Cloud," software that enables online, highly accurate classification and analysis of 3D point cloud data acquired by various devices.


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