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SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. announces that it will move its headquarters to the 4th floor of the Sumitomo Fudosan Oimachi Ekimae Building, 1-28-1 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan on November 1, 2022 (Tuesday).


SENSYN ROBOTICS has developed software that enables autonomous control of drones and robots, management of acquired data, and image analysis. The company is developing services to automate equipment inspection and workplace management at power transmission towers, plant facilities, construction sites, etc.

The organization has grown to a scale of over 100 employees, and we have decided to relocate in order to accelerate our efforts to solve on-site issues through the use of robotics and data.

New Office Features

  • Adjacent meeting rooms and collaboration area, creating a space that connects employees with society
  • Providing a café-like lounge area where people can easily gather and generate innovation
  • No walls in the office to create an open space
  • No walls in the equipment area to enable seamless verification and experimentation

SENSYN ROBOTICS will continue to give shape to ideas, and through its services, systems, and offices, will support the diverse work styles of each and every employee and promote further business expansion.

Outline of New Office

Location: Sumitomo Fudosan Oimachi Ekimae Building 4F, 1-28-1 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Access: 4-minute walk from the Central Exit of Oimachi Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line, 5-minute walk from Exit B of Oimachi Station on other lines




The SENSYN ROBOTICS Way of Working

SENSYN ROBOTICS has been implementing telework since February 2020, considering employee safety as our top priority due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
More than two years have passed since the implementation of telework, and as a result of exploring various ways of working from all angles, we have adopted the ABW (Activity Based Working) concept, which allows employees to work in an office, at home, or in a coworking space, depending on the nature and purpose of their work. We believe that an office is not just an office for efficient work, but a space for creative work, and our concept is "an enjoyable office that makes people want to come even in the remote era. This is our concept. We aimed to create a space that would generate collaboration among employees, a place to generate new ideas, and a space that would connect people more deeply with society.