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POWER GRID Check, a power transmission facility inspection application provided by SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc., has been introduced on a trial basis as an inspection application for The Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc.

okiden_logoThe use of drones is expected to be highly effective in reducing workload, reducing costs, and improving safety for inspections of supports, overhead wires, and spacers in tower operations. On the other hand, manual flight-based inspection methods have the disadvantages of human labor and inconsistency in quality due to analog operations.
In addition, the current workflow for overhead power transmission facility inspections requires time-consuming tasks such as sharing information with subcontractors and preparing reports from the large amount of data captured.

POWER GRID Check is characterized by its ability to automatically inspect steel towers (supports) and transmission lines (overhead ground lines and power lines) all at once, making it easy for workers without special drone knowledge to perform overhead power transmission facility inspection work. Automatic navigation enables uniform data acquisition, and the collection of quality data is equivalent to conventional visual inspections.
In addition, the inspection management function allows for centralized management of data on the cloud, making it easy to grasp the status of facilities. It facilitates the smooth sharing of information to other departments and affiliated companies, establishes a system that eliminates the need for time-consuming reports, enables prompt implementation of repair work, and realizes automation of inspection work.

We are pleased to announce that Okinawa Electric Power is using POWER GRID Check on a trial basis for evaluation.
Okinawa Electric Power is aiming to improve the sophistication and efficiency of power facility inspections, and as part of this effort, the company wanted to reduce the man-hours required for overhead transmission facility inspections and smoothly share information among the parties involved.

User's Voice

  • POWER GRID Check has a proven track record in electric power companies, and since it can collect data of the same quality as conventional visual inspections and the points to be inspected, we no longer have to consider the points to be photographed.

  • Until now, each step of the inspection process, such as sharing inspection details, checking, and organizing forms, required a lot of time and effort. We felt that the advantage of using the data management function is that data that used to be exchanged on an Excel basis can now be completed on the Web. In the future, we would like to review our workflow and build a system that allows us to efficiently create the reports required for each step of the process.

  • During the demonstration, we experienced drone operation using the overhead line inspection function of POWER GRID Check. In the past, it was very difficult to manually fly the drone along the slack while maintaining a certain interval, but by using POWER GRID Check to control the drone autonomously, we were able to perform the inspection work very easily.

  • The ability to link systems is also an attractive feature, and we believe that in the future, linking POWER GRID Check with our systems and other information will be useful in realizing more advanced repair work.




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