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SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. has launched Rakuraku Drone™, a companion service that supports drone business implementation. SENSIN Robotics, which has extensive experience in business implementation in various industries, supports drone operations that would have been difficult to implement on their own.



The use of drones is attracting attention as a tool for realizing DX. At the same time, however, there are many hurdles to introducing drones, including the risk of owning expensive equipment, compliance with laws and regulations such as remote ID and aircraft registration, and the establishment of an operational system tailored to the actual environment.

This service provides a set of services necessary for drone operation, including the loan of a drone, loan of a replacement drone in case of maintenance or malfunction, damage insurance, and operational support by expert staff before and after the introduction of the drone. This will help drone operations become firmly established.

SENSYN ROBOTICS has provided aircraft, software, and operational support tailored to customer needs at various sites, including oil refineries, steel transmission towers, and solar panels. With this service, SENSYN ROBOTICS will continue to respond to a variety of customer needs.

Service Features

  • Support for various procedures such as aircraft registration
    We provide support for remote ID and aircraft registration, etc., necessary for installation. This enables a smooth introduction of the system on site.
  • One-stop service from advance preparation to operation
    We provide a one-stop service from aircraft contract to flight. The service includes all services necessary for drone operation, such as aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, replacement aircraft in case of malfunction, various procedures, damage insurance, and various support services.
  • Extensive support from experts
    We provide a wealth of support services to resolve various questions ranging from how to use the equipment to how to operate it in the field. We provide support services that match the level of your concerns.


  • Unparalleled On-Site Capabilities
    SENSIN Robotics has inspected 6,150 m2 of solar power plants, over 550 transmission towers, and approximately 70% of domestic oil refineries, providing drone support at many sites.
  • Specialized equipment inspection applications for solar panels, power transmission equipment, and wind turbine blades
    We have developed in-house applications specialized for each type of equipment, and provide applications that enable smooth utilization and coordination of inspection results. Please contact us for development of other applications.
  • Selection of the right machine for the right application
    We operate a multi-vendor system and implement the best combination of aircraft and applications to meet your challenges.


Initial cost + monthly fee.
* Individual estimates will be made.
*Includes the loan of a drone, maintenance, loan of a replacement drone in the event of a malfunction, damage insurance, and operational support by professional staff before and after the introduction of the drone.


Our mission is to evolve what is considered “commonplace” in society with the power of robotics. It is under this mission that we have continued to take on pressing challenges in regards to specific social issues in various fields focused on facility inspections, disaster response, and security and surveillance by achieving the full automation of work with the power of robotics since our establishment in October 2015.

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