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Tokyo, Japan - April 20, 2023 - We are pleased to announce that our inventory service for stockyard measurement has been selected by Sangyo Shinko Co.

Until now, inventory management for vast raw material yards relied on visual inspections by personnel and rough estimations with tape measures, which required an enormous number of man-hours to figure out the on-site conditions. 
As the steel industry rapidly switches to electric reactors with lower CO2 emissions for decarbonization, the importance of scrap material is increasing. Furthermore, material quality and advanced material handling is becoming important now more than ever. 

This service uses the latest technology, such as drones and/or backpack LiDARs(Light Detection and Ranging)to generate point group data of on-site conditions and analyze and visualize scrap material. This one-stop service provides efficient inventory management. For example, excess inventory can be reduced. Inventory information such as stock quantity, vacant space, and material quality can be analyzed for each type of scrap material. Users can also output and display analysis results in a format to be utilized as business data and share information smoothly among those involved. By reducing the operational workload for inventory management in huge scrap yards, we contribute to the digital transformation (DX) for your businesses.

Utilizing drones has been a hot topic for inventory management in scrap yards. However, some sites are not suitable for drone flight, due to no-fly zones or indoor locations where GNSS signal is not available, so we decided to start with backpack LiDARs. In the future, we are planning to apply both backpack LiDARs and drones depending on actual yard environments. In FY2022, we verified the effects of the service nationwide, and plan to utilize it at the actual sites within FY2023.

Customer’s voice

  • Until now, inventory management in the raw material yards was conducted by tape measures and visual monitoring, which required an extremely huge volume of man-hours to grasp the on-site situations. The software from SENSYN ROBOTICS can be used intuitively and is very convenient.
  • This year, we adopted backpack LiDARs, which can be used in any environment. This is because there were various conditions that made drone flight difficult, such as no-fly areas, indoors where GNSS was not reachable, etc. In order to achieve further efficiencies, we are considering the introduction of drones in FY2023.
  • During the on-site verifications, we faced some challenges that we were not able to overcome on our own, including how to use LiDARs or organize the acquired data. So, we are relieved and glad to be able to receive operational support from SENSYN ROBOTICS.



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