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Sensyn Robotics, Inc. announces that it will change the name of its integrated business automation platform SENSYN FLIGHT CORE to SENSYN CORE.
In conjunction with the name change, we have also renewed our corporate website.

SENSYN CORE is an integrated business automation platform for data analysis and robot control.
SENSYN CORE is an integrated platform for business automation that performs data analysis and robot control. By combining components with functions such as automatic robot control, data analysis, and linkage with external systems, it is possible to develop applications specialized for target businesses in a short period of time.
With "SENSYN CORE" at the core, we provide one-stop services for business applications, cloud platforms, and robotics devices.

Background of the Name Change

The mission of Sensyn Robotics is to "use the power of robotics to advance the "normality" of society. With this mission, we have been providing technology and solutions to solve a variety of issues faced by companies and society, such as labor shortages, error prevention, safety improvement, time and cost, and rapid response to disasters.

We believe that in order to solve our customers' business issues, it is necessary to acquire and utilize data not only from the sky but also from land, sea, and air, and we are currently providing solutions that are not limited to drones, such as 3D mapping using 360 cameras and the development of autonomous cage monitoring systems.

The company has decided to change its name to "SENSYN CORE" with the aim of further expanding its service offerings beyond "FLIGHT," meaning the sky.

Sensyn Robotics will continue to promote the digital transformation (DX) of companies and society by using robotics, not just drones, as a natural tool to digitize and smarten business operations.

Functions of SENSYN CORE

SENSYN CORE Pilot is an automatic navigation function with an intuitive interface using a 3D map. In addition to general route settings such as waypoints and area scans, SENSYN CORE Pilot has the ability to automatically design routes for various objects such as roofs, building exteriors, steel towers, and oil tanks. It is also possible to place photographed data or 3D models on the map and automatically set routes based on them.

SENSYN CORE Datastore is a function for centralized management of data acquired by drones, robots, etc. on the cloud. It has a number of functions that enable efficient visual inspection of deliverables, such as checking data on a map by linking it with location information, marking defective areas, writing comments, and comparing images.

SENSYN CORE Monitor enables remote monitoring using drones and various devices. In addition to real-time video, it is possible to remotely monitor the position of the device on a map, its planned flight route, radio wave status, battery level, and other conditions at multiple locations. In combination with a network camera on the ground, it can also support unaided, unseen flights.

SENSYN CORE Mapper generates point cloud data and 3D models by creating orthomosaics and SfM processing from images taken by drones. It can be used for surveying operations such as progress management at civil engineering construction sites and volume calculation of embankment and field materials, and can also be applied to results management ledgers in inspection operations.

SENSYN CORE AI utilizes AI technology to perform image analysis. From the acquired data, it automatically detects abnormalities such as cracks in concrete, rust on steel structures such as towers and bridges, and hot spots on solar panels captured by thermal cameras. By cooperating with multiple image analysis engines, various abnormalities can be detected and compared over time.

Connects drones and robots to the SENSYN CORE platform. Not only drones, but also UGVs, ROVs, quadruped robots, etc. can be connected and controlled by applications built on the SENSYN CORE platform.

SENSYN CORE API can provide functions to external systems and send/receive data, and is intended to work with control systems such as UTM and highly specialized external data processing systems.

This is a control software system that functions on devices compatible with the SENSYN CORE platform. By processing sensor information on the device with an on-board computer, it can realize autonomous drone flight and automatic running of land robots.


Our mission is to evolve what is considered “commonplace” in society with the power of robotics. It is under this mission that we have continued to take on pressing challenges in regards to specific social issues in various fields focused on facility inspections, disaster response, and security and surveillance by achieving the full automation of work with the power of robotics since our establishment in October 2015.

URL: https://www.sensyn-robotics.com/en

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