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Tokyo, Japan - April 25, 2024 -SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. has launched “SENSYN CORE Mapper,” a new service within its AI application development platform “SENSYN CORE” that generates 3D point clouds and models based on images acquired by smart devices, drones, etc. for use in AI analysis and other applications.


"SENSYN CORE" is an AI application development platform that enables the utilization of AI and data. It is composed of various functions such as robot control, data management, and AI analysis. By combining these functions, applications tailored to specific purposes can be developed in a short period of time, and improvements can be quickly implemented in on-site operations. This time, the platform has been newly enhanced with the addition of "SENSYN CORE Mapper," a feature that automates the generation of 3D point clouds and 3D models.

DX for site management is a pressing issue in the social and industrial infrastructure field, against the backdrop of a serious manpower shortage. Conventional on-site management requires an understanding of the current situation based on limited information, such as photographs and videos taken at the site, which makes it difficult to grasp the overall picture, and data management is complicated.

“SENSYN CORE Mapper” is a service that contributes to solving these issues. By uploading multiple images taken in the field to “SENSYN CORE Datastore,” which has a data management function, 3D point clouds, 3D models, and orthoimages are automatically generated.These products can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as “various measurement tasks at construction sites, including measurement of foundation profiles and soil volumes, yard surveys, and tunnel profiles,” “site management using 3D models and planar images that reflect real-time conditions and communication among staff,” and “route design for drones and other data acquisition devices that take actual site conditions into consideration, such as obstacle avoidance. The system can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as “route design for data acquisition devices such as drones, etc., that take into account actual site conditions, such as obstacle avoidance.“SENSYN CORE Mapper” is also provided as a function of the AI application development platform ‘SENSYN CORE’, allowing for quick integration with individual company systems.

"Features of 'SENSYN CORE Mapper'"

(1) Easy operation and low-cost introduction by anyone

Just upload your model. Anyone can easily create models in the cloud. No need to install high-performance analysis workstations, etc., and a low-cost start is possible. Furthermore, since everything from generation to operation of various models is completed in the cloud, it has the following advantages over desktop applications.

  • Not dependent on PC specs (can work on general business PCs)
  • No need to keep the PC running during processing
  • Smooth data sharing (no need to exchange heavy files)

(2) Check and measure the situation* from anywhere, as if you were in the field.

Various generated models can be viewed and shared on the cloud from anywhere. The system is also equipped with a comment function and measurement function, enabling smooth status checks and information sharing.
*Measurement accuracy depends on the quality of the images taken and the generated models.

(3) Automation through drone linkage

SENSYN CORE Connect, a function of SENSYN CORE, can be configured to automatically link images acquired by various devices and automatically create models. Together with automatic drone operation, it can automate field operations such as “automation of yard surveying” and “updating of field overhead images.


List of functions of “SENSYN CORE Mapper”

  • Generate, view, and download point clouds, 3D models, and orthoimages
  • Various correction functions (lens calibration/GCP correction/scale correction)
  • Marking and comment functions
  • Distance measurement function
  • Geodetic conversion function

SENSIN Robotics will continue to promote the resolution of various on-site issues by utilizing the technologies on the SENSYN CORE development platform.


SENSYN ROBOTICS is a leading company in the field of social infrastructure DX with the mission of "evolving the 'natural' in society. SENSYN ROBOTICS is a leading social infrastructure DX company that uses the power of AI and data to solve the problems faced by society and businesses.
We solve issues such as labor shortages, safety risks, and rising costs that exist in the social and industrial infrastructure that supports Japan and the world with software solutions for data utilization that anyone can handle, making full use of the latest technologies, including AI.
Utilizing the know-how gained from a wealth of projects and our proprietary software development platform "SENSYN CORE," we provide comprehensive support from consulting to scenario formulation, business feasibility evaluation, technology and system development, and implementation in actual operations. We will help realize a sustainable future by solving social issues such as inspections of aging infrastructures, a declining workforce due to the falling birthrate and aging population, and increasingly severe disasters.

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