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Tokyo, Japan - December 5, 2023 - SENSYN ROBOTICS,Inc. has added a device developed based on the concept of "anyone can use it" and "take it to the field anytime" to its "Indoor Inspection Solution" to provide a new The new service will be available from December 2023.
The device will enable indoor approaches to high places in environments where GPS is not available, replacing visual inspections at construction sites and plants, and facilitating inspections of tanks, silos, tunnels, etc., by taking advantage of its resistance to dark locations.
*The device was jointly developed by TAKENAKA CORPORATION and AKTIO Corporation.
*The device is also used in the "BIM x Drone" service.

Product page: https://www.sensyn-robotics.com/product/sensyn-explorer


Until now, acquiring data using drones indoors or in enclosed spaces has been a major challenge, as the inability to acquire positional information has prevented the aircraft from being stable, and required the operation of a limited number of skilled personnel. We, a company focused on providing software to utilize acquired data, have planned and developed a device with carefully selected necessary functions based on the concept of "anyone can use it.
The device introduced here uses a sensor-based position hold function to enable easy and stable operation by anyone.

*"BIM×Drone" is a service jointly developed with TAKENAKA CORPORATION,AKTIO Corporation, and Kanamoto Co., Ltd that enables automatic drone flight in indoor environments where GNSS cannot be acquired, by creating flight routes and displaying the aircraft's self-position on BIM.
*Devices are designed and manufactured with the development cooperation of JP Drone Corporation.

Features of the "New Device

Point 1: Easy for anyone, outstanding stability
Attitude control using highly accurate positioning technology

Point2: Inspection is possible even in dark and narrow spaces indoors
Stable operation in low-light environments such as tunnels, silos and tanks

Point3: Easy management of acquired data
Captured data can be managed using "SENSYN CORE


SENSYN ROBOTICS is a leading company in the field of social infrastructure DX with the mission of "evolving the 'natural' in society. SENSYN ROBOTICS is a leading social infrastructure DX company that uses the power of AI and data to solve the problems faced by society and businesses.
We solve issues such as labor shortages, safety risks, and rising costs that exist in the social and industrial infrastructure that supports Japan and the world with software solutions for data utilization that anyone can handle, making full use of the latest technologies, including AI.
Utilizing the know-how gained from a wealth of projects and our proprietary software development platform "SENSYN CORE," we provide comprehensive support from consulting to scenario formulation, business feasibility evaluation, technology and system development, and implementation in actual operations. We will help realize a sustainable future by solving social issues such as inspections of aging infrastructures, a declining workforce due to the falling birthrate and aging population, and increasingly severe disasters.

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Established:October, 2015
CEO:Takuya Kitamura