Tokyo, Japan - March 13, 2019 - SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. has announced a fully automated drone system called SENSYN DRONE HUB. This is a new product that has reflected customer requests and greatly improved performance to lead to the solution of challenges.


More information and Video of the SENSYN DRONE HUB:

Overview of the SENSYN DRONE HUB

SENSYN DRONE HUB is a system that automates operations with the integration of control software and operational applications in addition to serving as a base that supports drone aircraft, automatic takeoff/landing and automatic charging.

It makes automatic flight to preset routes and capture of images/videos possible. Therefore, workers do not need to visit sites each time in zones with security monitoring and facility inspections in large factories. This means operations can be performed efficiently and safely.

It is also possible to add a scheduling function to repeatedly execute missions at a fixed time and a function to operate the camera from a remote location. This is done by linking up with SENSYN FLIGHT CORE (which is an integrated platform for the automation of customer operations) and SENSYN DC (which is a real time visual communication service). SENSYN ROBOTICS are also aiming to further extend the functions necessary in the automatic operation of drones. This includes, for example, detailed analysis by linking up with applications specialized in various operations. With this, SENSYN ROBOTICS  are realizing advanced information processing.





Main Assumed Usage Settings

  • Security surveillance operations in buildings, factories and high-rise facilities
  • Response to disasters (e.g., tsunamis and avalanches) and fixed point observation
  • Periodic inspection operations of towers, overpasses and dams, etc.
  • Operations in mountainous regions, at high places and in regions at risk of disasters, etc.
  • Operations in various settings in which it is difficult to deploy operators to operate drones

Main Unit Specs

Drone Base


1.89 m (L) * 1.77 m (W) * 0.8 m (H)


149 kg

Input power

100V to 240V AC / 16A

Guaranteed operating temperature

-10°C to +40°C

Waterproof and dustproof performance

Equivalent to IP54

Durability performance

Tested by being opened and closed 100,000 times

Drone Aircraft


75.6 cm diagonally


6 kg

Maximum flight time

30 minutes (when hovering)

Guaranteed operating temperature

-10°C to +40°C

Waterproof and dustproof performance

Equivalent to IP54

Wind resistance performance

10.0 m/s

Charging time

(From 0%)
80% in approximately 40 minutes
Fully charged in approximately 1 hour

The workforce is declining with the decreasing birthrate and aging population. Against this backdrop, automation of drone operation is required to reduce the labor shortage and cut costs. SENSYN ROBOTICS has continued to provide solutions and conduct demonstration experiments aimed at solving the operational challenges of our customers with the fully automatic operation of drones. This new product reflects the needs of our customers. It is a new solution that greatly improves performance toward utilization in actual operations from the perspectives of safety, durability and landing precision in particular.


Since our establishment in October 2015, we have been developing business solutions that combine robotics technology such as drones with advanced technology. In particular, by promoting automation and generalization, we are proposing new ways to solve business problems, including saving labor and enabling unattended operations. In this way, in addition to helping tackle the social issues facing Japan, we plan to offer a diverse range of solutions developed in Japan, a front runner of global challenges, to the rest of the world.


*June 29, 2018: Raised capital totally approximately 1.2 billion yen
*July 1, 2018: Company name changed to “SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc.”