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Tokyo, Japan - November 14, 2023 -Through a trial implementation at TAKENAKA CORPORATION’s Tokyo Head Office, the paperless application "SHORUIRA" provided by SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. has been verified to reduce the man-hours required for incidental work associated with conventional paper ledger sheets.


At construction sites, there are many safety checks to prevent accidents, and the distribution, collection, and confirmation of paper forms have been a major work burden. In addition, in order to comply with the new overtime work limit regulations that will be in full effect from 2024, it was necessary to implement measures to improve the work efficiency and reduce the workload of construction site employees.

By introducing "SHORUIRA," TAKENAKA CORPORATION’sTokyo Head Office has achieved an 80% reduction in the man-hours required for incidental work related to conventional paper forms.

Effects of Introduction

  • Eliminated the labor involved in distributing, collecting, and filing paper forms and forgetting to replace them.
  • Remote checking of inspection status has become possible, facilitating confirmation work.
  • Achieved paperless, timely confirmation and management status.

Comparison of response time between paper and inspection by SHORUIRA

  Conventional paper inspection Inspection in SHORUIRA
Time to output and replace safety forms 30 minutes/month 0 minutes/month
Time to collect and file safety forms 600 minutes/month 0 minutes/month
Time to inspect/verify 5000 minutes/month 1000 minutes/month
Time to approve and stamp 900 minutes/month 300 minutes/month
Total (Workplace) Total 6530 minutes/month 1300 minutes/month


Customer's Voice

Plant Manager
The majority of conventional paper forms have been digitized using SHORUIRA, resulting in a reduction of several hundred sheets of paper per month. The inspection status can also be checked in a timely manner via PC or smartphone, making it possible to visualize the state of safety management. In addition, these time savings have contributed to increased work efficiency and productivity of the worksite staff.

Construction Workers
As a construction worker, he/she no longer has to print, distribute, and collect paper inspection sheets. I quickly became accustomed to inspecting and checking the work by myself. Among the workers at the subcontractors, there are those who are not familiar with IT tools and a wide variety of ages and nationalities, so we were concerned about whether SHORUIRA, the record and report application, would be accepted. The inspection status can also be easily checked on the PC, and we are working together with our subcontractors to maintain a state of safety management.

About "SHORUIRA," an application for digitizing inspections and records

"SHORUIRA" is a business application that allows even those unfamiliar with IT tools to easily create, record, and manage electronic check sheets. Because it does not require specialized knowledge and can be easily customized by anyone, the electronic checklist template can be brushed up smoothly without being assigned to a specific person in charge. By digitizing paper records such as daily patrols and other work reports, scaffolding inspections, and other site management tasks, the application streamlines complicated tasks such as posting to Excel, double-checking data omissions, and sealing ledgers.


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