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Tokyo, Japan - April 04, 2023 - SENSYN ROBOTICS and Shimizu Corporation Ltd. jointly conducted a proof-of-concept (POC) experiment to utilize autonomous drones for patrol and inspections in a shield tunnel under construction. Our technology enables stable autonomous drone flights even in tunnels where GNSS*1 is not available, making it possible to use drones for on-site inspections inside tunnels.

Background and Challenges

Shield tunnel sites are extremely large, with the distance from the tunnel entrance to the excavation surface reaching up to 7 km. As the construction work proceeds, the length of the tunnel from the entrance to the excavation surface extends, increasing the workload for inspection patrols. In addition, providing on-site tours for visitors was another burden.


In the test, the "Skydio Dock," the dedicated drone base for Skydio devices, was used to create automatic flight paths and perform autonomous flights via a cloud platform. The "Skydio Dock" enables users to automatically take off and land drones without having to physically visit the site. Even from a remote location, you can autonomously fly the skydio drone by simply pressing the takeoff button. Skydio drones are designed to fly autonomously even in environments like narrow hallways or with obstacles, and automatically return to the home Dock and automatically recharge the battery. Autonomous flight technology with AI or Visual SLAM*₂ makes it possible to perform inspections while keeping a certain distance from inaccessible equipment, such as conveyor belts. In addition, video monitoring can be done in real time remotely, allowing for the replacement of holiday and nighttime patrols and for the reduction of human labor required for guiding visitors.

Remote video checking

Video from Skydio

Future Plans

Initially, we plan to make a trial installation with one unit in FY 2023. Once the expected effects are achieved, we will continue to improve operational efficiency by increasing the number of drones as construction goes on and the distance is extended.
SENSYN ROBOTICS has been providing automated operations using our fully automated drone system "SENSYN Drone Hub" for the past five years. We look forward to providing post-introduction follow-up with our expertise to enhance the value of the system. By linking the "Skydio Dock" with our platform, "SENSYN CORE," the data acquisition, data management, and data analysis can be automated.


*1 GNSS...Global Navigation Satellite System. It includes GPS in the US, QZSS in Japan, GLONASS in Russia, and Galileo in the European Union.
*2 Visual-SLAM...Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (technology for self-localization and environmental mapping mainly with camera images)


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