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Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. and SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. will begin offering a drone-based maintenance advancement support service mainly for companies that own large-scale factories and plants.
The service will continuously accumulate photographic data for fixed-point observation of plant and building walls and roofs, and will link this to more advanced maintenance support through AI learning.


In recent years, typhoons have caused widespread collapse and damage to buildings, resulting in major property and personnel damage and business shutdowns. In addition, the risk of accidents associated with the advanced age of plants and facilities is also increasing. Under these circumstances, companies that own large-scale plants and factories are facing increasing importance of maintenance operations, while at the same time, they are being required to improve the efficiency of maintenance operations due to a shortage of human resources and from the perspective of ensuring profitability.

To reduce the risk of business interruption due to sudden damage, it is desirable to shift from "after-the-fact maintenance*1" and "time-based maintenance*2" to "condition monitoring maintenance*3. On the other hand, many plants and building roofs and walls are not inspected at an appropriate frequency due to the need to arrange for elevating vehicles and scaffolding, as well as to perform dangerous work at high elevations, which requires a great deal of labor and incurs high costs.

In light of this situation, Tokio Marine & Nichido, Tokio Marine & Nichido DCR, and Senshin Robotics will begin offering a maintenance enhancement support service that utilizes drones with the aim of solving these issues and thereby enhancing the maintenance sophistication and resilience of companies.

(*1) Maintenance of buildings and facilities after some kind of trouble has occurred.
(*2)Regular maintenance of buildings and facilities regardless of their condition. 
(*3)Monitoring the condition of buildings and facilities, and performing maintenance according to the condition.

Service Overview

The use of drones is considered effective in the transition to condition monitoring maintenance. Many companies that own large-scale factories and plants have begun to consider the introduction of drones in their maintenance operations, but in some cases they are unable to take the plunge into actual implementation due to issues related to aircraft selection, piloting techniques, data management, and other factors.
Tokio Marine Dealer and Senshin Robotics provide one-stop support from operation training to data management, helping companies build a system to introduce drones.

Introduction Procedure
(1) Check the maintenance work currently being performed and identify issues related to the introduction of this service.
(2) Acquisition of imaging data through onsite verification, and verification of effectiveness
(3) Create a medium- to long-term plan for operation and establish a system for utilization (including drone operation training)
(iv) Follow-up for introduction (purchase or lease) of equipment, continuous accumulation and utilization of the captured data

Features and Benefits of the Service

The three main features of this service are as follows

➀ Data management function
Utilizing SENSYN CORE, a data management platform provided by SENSYN Robotics, the photographed data can be centrally managed in the cloud. By storing images taken periodically on the cloud, it is easy to compare images taken from the same angle over time and evaluate the progress of deterioration.
In addition, drone flight path setting and automatic control functions enable stable image acquisition along predetermined routes without relying on skilled pilots.

➁ Highly specialized advice
Through hundreds of corporate disaster risk studies conducted every year, Tokio Marine DIR has provided numerous advices on facility maintenance and management and natural disaster countermeasures. This service provides advice on repair and renewal plans, etc. based on data captured on the SENSYN CORE cloud, enabling early repair to deteriorated or abnormal areas and maintenance at the optimum timing.

➂ Reduction of occupational injury risk and inspection costs
Instead of inspections in hazardous locations that were previously performed by humans, drones can be used to ensure the safety of inspection work. In addition, the use of drones eliminates the need to arrange for elevated vehicles and scaffolding, making it possible to monitor conditions at low cost and at an appropriate frequency.

TdREffectiveness of Conservation Methods and Drone Applications

About the Future

Through Tokio Marine & Nichido's network, we plan to expand the service mainly to companies that own large-scale factories or plants. Based on the data accumulated through this service, we will use AI learning to achieve more sophisticated and efficient assessment of deterioration trends, thereby helping companies strengthen their resilience through planned preventive maintenance and early repair.

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