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Tokyo, Japan - January 26, 2023 - SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. has conducted a verification experiment utilizing autonomous drones in cooperation with TOYO CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD.
This verification experiment was conducted to verify the effectiveness of a new construction supervision method that utilizes construction BIM models and autonomous drones in order to improve the efficiency of progress management at construction sites.


dock01-minSkydio Dock 
Autonomous flying drones

The demonstration test involved the creation of an automatic flight route using the Skydio Dock, a drone base dedicated to the Skydio, and autonomous flight via a cloud platform.
The Skydio is equipped with Visual-SLAM* technology, which enables it to estimate its own position even indoors where GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) signals do not reach, so it can automatically avoid obstacles such as wires hanging from the ceiling during construction while processing AI. In addition, this autonomous drone can fly by simply pressing the takeoff button from a remote location, can autonomously fly through narrow corridors such as stairs, and can automatically return to the original Dock position, as well as automatically recharge the battery.
First, a dedicated application is launched on the PC screen, and the local operator creates a flight plan by flying the drone and specifying the flight route and points to be photographed. Next, the drone automatically took off from the Skydio Dock according to the flight plan, capturing video of the flight route and taking still images at set points.
The results of the verification experiment confirmed that the drone could fly in the low-light environment and at night, avoid obstacles, and move around multiple floors, all of which are typical of construction sites, without any problems.

In addition, a system has been developed to link image data acquired by the drone with point data set on the BIM model shared on the cloud platform, allowing the photographed image data to be checked.
The two companies intend to build an effective management and sharing system for image data using BIM in the future, aiming to reduce the work time involved in construction supervision/management operations.

*Visual-SLAM…visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Maneuvering from remaote locations

Skydio2 operation screen

Multi-Floor Movement

Capturing a ceiling section with Skydio2

BIM Model

Construction status at the same location as the BIM model


Demonstration Experiment Overview

Date: November 25, 2022 and December 19, 2022
Location: New construction of Tokyo University of Information Design (tentative name) (Komatsugawa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)
1. automatic flight from a remote location using Skydio Dock (drone base)
2. automatic flight in the construction site environment
3. Utilization of acquired data for construction management


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