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Tokyo, Japan - January 26, 2023 - SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. in collaboration with Takenaka Corporation, has developed the "UGV*1 Remote Operation Solution" to remotely operate and manage a variety of construction robots.

UGV遠隔操作ソリューションUGV remote control solutions and UGV for verification

In the construction industry, there are high expectations for digital transformation through "robot utilization" against the backdrop of measures to address the severe labor shortage and overtime regulations that will be applied from FY2024.
In construction sites, where conditions change daily, full automation of robots is difficult to implement in terms of technology and cost, and remote control, which can respond more flexibly, is attracting attention.

However, as the number of robot types increases and their functions become more sophisticated, different remote control interfaces for each robot become cluttered, making it necessary for on-site workers to understand how to operate each robot individually, which is one factor hindering the introduction of this technology.

To solve this problem, SENSYN ROBOTICS and Takenaka Corporation have developed the "UGV Remote Operation Solution," which enables remote control of any robot that meets certain requirements using the same system. The UGV Remote Control Solution, which is equipped with a 360-degree camera, is being considered for use in remote jobsite management.
At present, the system is compatible with CLEARPATH ROBOTICS' UGV "JACKAL," and can be linked with any other robot that uses ROS*2. By operating through the same system and user interface, we aim to minimize the time and effort required for users to newly understand robot remote operation.
We plan to start rental operation of the UGV "JACKAL" in April 2023 as the first phase of the project. We will increase the number of robot types to suit various usage scenarios, and expand rental operations for the entire construction industry as needed.

In the first half of 2023, we will link with the "Construction Robot Platform" developed by Takenaka Corporation to sequentially support robots that require remote operation, with the aim of practical application.



*1 UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) A generic term for a vehicle that can run unmanned without a driver on board.
*2 ROS (Robot Operating System) A software platform for robot development.


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