V-cube Robotics (HQ: Shibuya ward, Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Taishin Demura / Hereinafter called “VRJ”), who is providing the industrial drone solution for enterprises and local governments, has participated a nuclear power disaster drill which organized Ehime prefecture 14th Nov, 2017. VRJ has provided a technical assistance with NTT Data, and conducted a demonstration experiment to verify the drone`s availability to confirm the disaster situation of resident evacuation route on the assumption that nuclear power plant caused a serious incident.


Utilizing a drone technology to confirm the disaster situation of resident evacuation route on the assumption that nuclear power plant caused a serious incident, and verify the drone`s availability to improve effectiveness of resident evacuation.


This demonstration experiment has verified the following two technologies.

  1. Commander has completely controlled the drone`s movement from Ehime prefectural government office where is located approximately 70km far away from the nuclear power plant.
    This commander has utilized the NTT Data`s Unmanned Traffic Management system, called as “airpalette UTM” which partly assisted to develop about the automatic flight control segment by VRJ, and grand succeeded to control the drone in the distance.
  2. Utilizing VRJ`s visual transmission system, Our parties has succeeded to sharing the high-definition video images of evacuation route around nuclear power plant on a real-time basis.

So thanks to above two cutting-edge technologies integration, Our parties has well succeeded to verify the VRJ`s visual transmission system effectiveness to make sure that quickly and certainly resident evacuation.

On the basis of this test result, VRJ will make realize the further improvement of functional capability and operation procedure, and expand this solution to the other local governments and also global market who has same disaster prevention problems through the further practical realization steps.


About V-cube Robotics, Inc.

Founded in October 2015, V-cube Robotics develops solutions combining video communications and drone computing technologies in the robotics field. The company is committed to creating environments that enable anyone to easily and safely control drones without professional knowledge or skills to perform real-time monitoring and communication from remote/multiple locations, allowing them to make required decisions instantly. V-cube Robotics aims to create a world where drones are active as an ordinary part of society by further expanding the possibilities of communications, and entrusting them with many day-to-day operations.