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Tokyo, Japan - April 11, 2024 -SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc.announces that it has installed an autonomous flight patrol solution at three Shikoku Electric Power Company, Incorporated hydroelectric power plants for the purpose of detecting abnormalities in equipment using AI, under a joint effort with TAIHO Co.,Ltd.

Many of the hydroelectric power plants are located in mountainous areas, and maintenance personnel are dispatched from remote offices, but the reality is that they spend a lot of time traveling.

This autonomous patrol solution system utilizes the "SENSYN CORE Datastore", a part of the "SENSYN CORE" platform provided by SENSYN ROBOTICS, which enables integrated management of AI technology and digital content such as images, to detect abnormalities in facilities. This enables the detection of abnormalities in facilities.When an abnormality is detected, an alert is issued, contributing to a quick initial response. In addition, the "Skydio Dock," a drone base dedicated to Skydio aircraft, can be used to automatically recharge the battery and fly along a set route. After photos of the area around the water turbine and generator are automatically taken, the data is saved in the "SENSYN CORE Datastore" and can be checked from remote offices.

edit_news_yondan_indoorInstallation of solutions in hydroelectric power plants

news_yondan_autoRemote automated patrol inspection

We will continue to utilize robotics technology and AI analysis to expand the scope of abnormality detection and improve its accuracy, thereby contributing to further efficiency and sophistication of maintenance operations.


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