Image Recognition and Analysis Services

A service for reporting location data where abnormalities and issues are detected. The abnormalities in equipment and facilities are automatically detected by combining image recognition and analysis technology using drones and AI.

Drones are regularly flown during facility inspection in large solar power plants to film and compile images for analysis, which are used to identify solar panel cells and detect abnormal spots. By doing this, it is possible to detect failures unattended and early, which improves the inspection work efficiency. Today, we continue to develop this service in order to further improve the accuracy. (Panels in red are broken and generating heat)

We are planning to expand the scope of recognition and analysis to include inspection for concrete structures, steel bridges and towers, and roads, followed by security tasks.
We are also aiming for fully automated security and facility inspection services by combining image recognition and analysis with the fully automatic drone operation services, DRONEBOX.

Planning to implement or utilize drones? Please feel free to discuss it with us.

We will introduce the optimal solution for every application.