Integrated Operational Automation PlatformSENSYN FLIGHT CORE

This is a comprehensive platform that easily realizes the automation of operations by drones without special knowledge or skills. In addition to being able to setup simple flights, this platform is furnished with expanded functions indispensible for the automation of operations. These functions include the centralized management of flight plans and performance data, support for simultaneous flights with multiple drones and support for drones from various manufacturers, and connection with UTM.


This is an operation automation integration platform that combines all the functions necessary from the creation of flight plans to the management of flight performance and data analysis.



  • Intuitively create automatic flight routes with 3D maps. We have made available automatic route designs for each use (e.g., waypoints, area scans and wall scans).

  • The drone position information is displayed in real-time during the flight. It is also possible to support the simultaneous flight of multiple drones.

  • Captured data and 3D models are arranged on maps. It is then also possible to design automatic routes based on that.


  • It is possible to link up with FLIGHT CORE Pilot to manage the automatic saving of flight results, flight performance and captured images linked with the implemented flight plans.

  • It is possible to flexibly customize the method of displaying data managed for each use.

  • It is possible to write comments and annotations on the captured images. Therefore, it is also possible to use these to support visual inspections.

  • It is possible to accumulate the data other than that of drones. This maximizes the value of data with AI analysis and API cooperation.


  • Create orthographic images from the captured images of drones and create 3D models from 3D point cloud data.

  • It is possible to use this as a report of the inspection results and to measure with drones in terms of 3D surveying and embankment volume calculation.


  • Detect abnormal points with the infrared camera capture of concrete cracks, rusting of towers and bridges, and solar panels through image analysis by deep learning

  • Realize a variety of abnormality detection and time-related degradation by linking up with multiple image analysis engines


  • Drone connection framework

  • Support is standard for major Japanese manufacturers including ACSL and Enroute in addition to DJI

  • It is also possible to easily support other drones


  • It is possible to provide functions to external systems and linkup data

  • We are currently providing the Pilot function by linking up with the airpalette UTM of NTT Data


  • This is an autonomous flight system that controls drones with an onboard computer using LiDAR, stereo cameras and other sensors

  • Achieve autonomous flight not affected by the environment by combining with FLIGHT CORE Pilot in the future

Automation Process of Drone Solutions

Automate each process of complex drone solutions at once by combining with the FLIGHT CORE platform functions.
Repeating cycles in terms of reviewing plans based on the analysis results leads to the optimization of operations and quality improvement.

Automation Process

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