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Tokyo, Japan - June 10, 2023 - SENSYN ROBOTICShas added functions to its "BLADE Check" wind turbine blade inspection application to further streamline inspection operations, including a viewing function that enables information sharing of inspection results on the Web and a task management function that enables the creation and management of repair work instructions based on inspection results.

BLADE Check機能追加

By making inspection results viewable on the Web, information sharing with power generation companies will be facilitated. In addition, by making it possible to issue and manage repair work instructions based on inspection results, the system contributes to improving the efficiency of not only inspections but also repair work. 
These are just a few of the features and usability improvements that were made based on feedback from  Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

"BLADE Check" is a business application that streamlines the maintenance of wind power generation equipment blades using an automatic drone. The blade inspections, which were previously conducted by humans by photographing from the ground and visually inspecting blades, can be digitized using drones to reduce inspection man-hours and improve the quality of blade inspections.
More details https://www.sensyn-robotics.com/en/news/blade-check-system

Additional Functions

  • Viewing function
    The inspection results performed by the inspection service provider can be viewed on the Web by the power producer. The inspection company can optionally issue an "account for power generators", and power generator users who log in with this account are not allowed to edit the inspection results, but only to view them.
  • Task Management Function
    Repair tasks can be assigned and managed for the damage information registered as inspection results. The operator in charge, responsible person, status, deadline, and images (e.g., post-repair photos) can be managed for each task.

User Benefits

Viewing capabilities

  • Allows quick reporting of inspection results to power generators
  • Enables reporting of captured image data in high quality
  • Replaces report generation and output
  • Also contributes to the convenience of verification work by the power generation operator

Task management function

  • Integrated management from inspection implementation, inspection result confirmation, to repair implementation
  • Prevents damage repair omissions
  • Visualization and centralized management of repair tasks, and overall sharing of information such as responsible parties, deadlines, status, etc.


Voice of Partner Company

Conventional blade inspections were mainly conducted by inspectors who took pictures from the ground, and the process from organizing the data to preparing reports was manual and labor-intensive. In addition, the inspection data was not being utilized.
Automatic drone flight inspections have improved the efficiency and quality of inspection work.
The management system, "BLADE Check," can now manage inspection results from multiple sites at once, and has dramatically improved not only the efficiency of the work, but also the quality of data management, such as data tabulation, judgment, and comparison with past data after inspection.
For example, with the check function, reports that were previously submitted on paper can now be viewed on the web, which helps speedy reporting and paperless operation. The task management function allows repair instructions for damaged blades and the results of repairs to be entered for use in blade maintenance management and maintenance planning, leading to improved maintenance services.
The series of operations from on-site work to reporting of blade inspections has greatly improved in terms of work time and quality, and we feel that DXing of blade inspections has been realized. In addition, inspection services utilizing digital and robotics have enabled us to provide new added value to our customers.


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