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Tokyo, Japan - June 21, 2023 - The professional drone Airpeak has been added to the BLADE Check,  wind turbine blade inspection application provided by SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc.


With the addition of Airpeak to the compatible drone lineup, it is now possible to address a variety of end-user business issues. The high motion performance improves inspection speed and wind resistance. In addition, the Sony camera will be able to capture high quality images.
SENSYN ROBOTICS is an authorized distributor of Airpeak.
* Airpeak is a trademark of Sony Group Corporation.

BLADE Check is a business application that streamlines the maintenance of wind turbine blades using an automatic drone. The blade inspections, which were previously conducted by humans by photographing from the ground and visually inspecting blades, can be digitized using drones to reduce inspection man-hours and improve the quality of blade inspections.
BLADE Check was jointly developed with Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.
Detail https://www.sensyn-robotics.com/en/news/blade-check-system

Comments from Joint Development Partners

Mr. Yukihiro Shirahama, General Manager, Field Engineering Department, Renewable Energy Solutions Division, Hitachi Power Solutions, Ltd.

Hitachi Power Solutions has developed a blade inspection system jointly with SENSIN Robotics in 2022 as a DX system for blade inspection using drones and dedicated systems to improve work efficiency and inspection quality in blade inspection of wind power generation facilities. During the development of this system, we were looking for ways to ensure the safety of the information security of the data acquired during inspections and to further improve the quality of photographs (i.e., inspection quality).
SENSYN ROBOTICS , Sony Group, and Hitachi Power Solutions jointly conducted a number of verification tests using actual wind power generation equipment, and confirmed Airpeak's high flight and camera performance right before our eyes.
Since Airpeak is made in Japan, we are looking forward to its technical aspects, such as camera performance, AI technology, and image processing technology, and in terms of operation, we are looking forward to its good response time and after-sales service, which can immediately respond to users' opinions and requests.



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