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SENSYN ROBOTICS, Inc. and IBM Japan, Ltd. announced today that they will collaborate to develop more advanced maintenance work solutions utilizing AI in order to achieve more stable operation of social and corporate infrastructure.

With Japan's declining birthrate and aging workforce, it is an important and urgent issue to ensure the stable operation of the infrastructure infrastructure that supports our daily lives and corporate activities. Aging infrastructure facilities are also being called for, and companies in various industries are searching for ways to prevent sudden failures of aging facilities. As a leading social infrastructure DX company that uses drones and other robotics technologies to solve problems faced by companies and society, SENSYN ROBOTICS is working to "eliminate labor shortages, prevent errors, improve safety, and reduce time and costs" in operations such as facility inspection, disaster response, security monitoring, and site management. We provide technology and solutions to solve various problems faced by companies and society, such as "eliminating labor shortages, preventing errors, improving safety, and reducing time and costs," and responding quickly to disasters. Among these, the use of images and videos taken by drones contributes greatly to the rapid and safe identification of repair and maintenance locations. The data obtained from this process can be linked to workflows in subsequent processes and integrated with asset management information to centrally manage history and results, which is expected to accelerate the DXing of maintenance operations.

Against this backdrop,SENSYN ROBOTICS and IBM Japan will begin to optimize and improve the efficiency of maintenance work solutions, including inspection work, by leveraging the skills and expertise of both companies based on their extensive implementation experience and promoting digitization using IT with a focus on AI. The two companies will combine SENSYN ROBOTICS' SENSYN CORE, a platform that realizes consistent automation of operations from data acquisition to management and analysis using drones and other robots, and IBM Japan's MaxSystem, an integrated facilities maintenance management system that is widely used in the inspection and management of plants and steel towers. The project will start with the verification of linking IBM Japan's "IBM®︎︎ Maximo Application Suite" and "IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite" systems. By linking the two companies' solutions, comprehensive and highly accurate image and video data acquired by robots can be integrated with facility management information in areas such as high or narrow places where it is difficult for humans to check the situation, and the work can be automated to be transferred to the workflow of the subsequent process. In the future, we plan to develop advanced solutions that can promote work efficiency while ensuring safety at maintenance sites.


The two companies plan to utilize each other's skills and knowledge in maintenance operations to contribute to solving problems in various industries by providing solutions that will further accelerate the DX of maintenance operations, such as detecting abnormalities in target facilities using robots, visualizing disaster damage using geospatial analysis, and managing maintenance operations based on insights gained from abnormal locations and visualization.

SENSYN CORE: https://www.sensyn-robotics.com/product/sensyn-core
IBM Maximo Application Suite: https://www.ibm.com/jp-ja/products/maximo
IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite: https://www.ibm.com/jp-ja/products/environmental-intelligence-suite


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