Real Time Visual Communication Service

A service that allows you to communicate by sharing in real time and in multiple locations images taken remotely using drones.

Total Solution Services

Bundling together all the necessary things for implementing and utilizing drones in business, for example regular maintenance and parts replacement for drone units and the cameras installed in drones, as well as drone insurance for unlikely events.

Fully Automatic Drone Operation Services (DRONEBOX)

A fully automatic drone operation service equipped with automatic drone take-off and landing, automatic charging, and data linking functions.

Image Recognition and Analysis Services

A service for reporting location data where abnormalities and issues are detected. The abnormalities in equipment and facilities are automatically detected by combining image recognition and analysis technology using drones and AI.

Solar Power Plant Inspection Package

Inspection package capable of automating the whole inspection process from filming solar panels and identifying abnormal spots using image recognition and analysis to generating report on inspection results.

Drone Training and Other Options

We conduct trainings related to drones as an option, for example initial implementation training before service implementation, or post implementation follow-up practical training and business utilization workshop.

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