Total Solution Services

Bundling together all the necessary things for implementing and utilizing drones in business, for example regular maintenance and parts replacement for drone units and the cameras installed in drones, as well as drone insurance for unlikely events.

Total solutions also include real time video communications services and telecommunication equipment for connection. We will propose the optimal drone units and the cameras installed that will suite your utilization needs.

This service includes:
1. Drone units
2. Cameras installed on drones, including thermal cameras, zoom cameras, etc.
3. Regular maintaince of drone main units and its options, as well as parts replacement
4. Real Time Video Communications Services
5. Periphery equipment and tablets for connection
6. Drone insurance

Service fee plans
Basic monthly usage fee + initial expenses
※The initial expenses may vary depending on the chosen drone models and the cameras installed.

Planning to implement or utilize drones? Please feel free to discuss it with us.

We will introduce the optimal solution for every application.